Dom Abraham

Lead Content Writer

Dom Abraham has been contributing content to Sleepiverse for more than a year now. Aside from writing reviews for mattresses and bedding products, Dom loves writing helpful and medically-accurate sleep health articles. What makes these health articles special is how Dom loves taking a scientific and practical approach, that's why Dom always loves to include recommendations for health products that help his audience improve their lives after reading his articles. Dom is talented at making readers feel engaged and feel some sort of connectivity to what could assist them in living a healthier life.

Dom’s hobbies include surfing, eating hot dogs, and, of course, sleeping. Additionally, he likes to explore his writing and reviewing skills in his free time. You might find Dom sitting at a random beach on the city's coast writing and enjoying his time as well.

Sleeping Position: Side and Back.

Sleep Hours Logged Each Night: 6 Hours.

Always Sleeps With: A notebook and a pen.