About Us

Sleepiverse is a website built and managed by a group of good sleep and health enthusiasts. At Sleepiverse, we are keen on reviewing every possible mattress we can get our hands on to help you find your next perfect mattress!

We list top brands across different sleep styles, body types, ailments, and much more. All with the aim to guide you in the right direction as you finish your mattress buying decision.

Please reach out if you have specific questions about a brand. We're happy to provide more detail to help you make the best possible pick for your preferences.

Our email is hello@sleepiverse.com.

Our Review Process

Our reviews of mattresses, pillows, and other bedding are based on extensive use of the products, with each item being evaluated based on a number of criteria meant to aid in your search for the best possible night's rest.

Our research led to the conclusion that there is no single mattress that is best for everyone. There is a great deal to think about. You have unique needs based on factors such as your available resources, your size and build, your level of pain right now, and your preferences.

Sometimes specific products are unique and require different approaches on how to score them. However, in most cases, every product we come by is scored based on: Suitability for People Types, Firmness, Performance, Pain Relief, Features, Material Quality, Cost, and Brand Policies.

In our reviews, we strive to follow a methodological review process. Although many times brands offer some tailored deals for more positive reviews, we do our best to always provide helpful, factual, and real insights based on experience and opinions about the product. Sometimes we may make mistakes or change our opinion about a product with time. We always try to keep our content updated and reflect our latest opinions of the reviewed products.

Sleepiverse is audience-backed, meaning that sometimes if you buy a product with our links, we may earn a small commission. However, this never increases the price of the product for you (sometimes applies a discount). Also, we never change or base our opinions about a product based on strictly financial gains from relations with brands or commissions. All our opinions of products are written based solely on our opinions of the products.

If you would like to contact us regarding any opinions, reviews, feel free to reach us at:

Our Team

Laura Glover, MD

Doctor of Medicine (MD) | Physical Therapy
Dr. Laura Glover has practiced all over the continental U.S. spreading her vast knowledge of the human body assisting individuals with restoring movement, and providing preventative care. Dr. Glover has been involved in educating clients on proper sleep health, strength training, and coaching for many years. She employs a combination of physical therapy and restorative conditioning techniques. All of which she incorporates when researching and composing articles.
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Holly Hanson, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Holly Hanson is a physical therapist with over 12 years of experience. She has worked in both outpatient and inpatient settings and has enjoyed helping her patients improve their function and mobility across the lifespan. Knowing the importance of sleep for overall health, Holly is passionate about educating her patients on proper sleeping positions, best nighttime practices, and using pillows and adaptive equipment to improve sleep quality.
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Malia Budd, MD

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Malia Budd is a writer, therapist, and health and wellness educator. Dr. Malia's content reflects her high level of expertise and clinical experience, and she believes that empowerment and education are the keys to living a healthier life. That's why she enjoys educating her patients and readers about the importance of proper sleep hygiene.
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Dom Abraham

Lead Content Writer
As the lead content writer at Sleepiverse. Dom pours his heart into writing mattress reviews, bedding product reviews, and medically-reviewed health articles. Dom is from Portugal and likes to spend his free time writing on the beach as it gives him a sense of comfort. Aside from writing mattress reviews in front of the soothing beach view, Dom likes to experiment with new amazing food ideas.
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Mac Mansi

Lead Producer
Mac Mansi is a digital producer from California. He acts as a lead producer for Sleepiverse. Mac’s hobbies include watching tv shows, playing video games, and sleeping. In his additional free time, Mac works as a freelance photographer, and this might explain how diverse and talented he is with his camera.
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Jessica H.

Jessica is a reviewer, writer, and sleep enthusiast at Sleepiverse. Jessica graduated with her master's degree in Nursing research and education. She is a registered nurse and currently works in the Intensive Care Unit. Since becoming a nurse, Jessica has worked the night shift, which means a disrupted sleep schedule. Knowing she needed to function at her best while caring for patients at night, she spent a lot of time researching how to sleep well with a difficult schedule.
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Karen Barnard

B.Sc in Human Movement Science | Certified Sports Nutrition & Massage Therapy Expert
Karen is a Human Movement Science expert and a certified sports nutrition and massage therapist. At Sleepiverse, she combines her passion for human movement science and sleep health to educate herself and her readers about healthier sleep. In addition to writing articles, Karen manages a fitness studio offering private training, athletic conditioning, and sports massage therapy. She focuses on providing people with a holistic environment for people to reach their health goals, often incorporating stretch therapy to promote mental tranquillity and help people improve their sleep.
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Our Sleep Health Consultants & Experts

Dr. Adil Maqbool

Medicine and Surgery
Dr. Adil is a doctor, researcher, and writer with a passion for helping people. He is known for his clear and approachable writing style, and he is always up-to-date on the latest medical research. Dr. Adil is also a dedicated member of his community, and he is always looking for ways to give back. Dr. Adil is committed to making the world a healthier place through the research-based articles he writes at Sleepiverse.
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Helene Josephine Duun

Medical Anthropologist
Helene Josephine Duun is a medical anthropologist who specializes in public health research and communication. Always seeking a deeper understanding of how cultural values and practices influence health outcomes, she co-designs solutions with diverse groups to form collaborative partnerships that are responsive to changing needs. As an advocate for holistic health literacy, she also raises awareness of the vital role of quality sleep in overall health and well-being.
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Kelsey Butler, MS, RDN

Sleepiverse Expert - Nutrition Sciences
Kelsey Butler is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master's in Nutrition Sciences. She is an expert in nutrition research, coaching, and content development. Kelsey takes a mindful approach toward health and values building relationships with all foods. She understands the need to set personalized goals because not one size fits all, from dietary preferences to lifestyle habits.
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Mario Perozo, MD

General Practice & Psychiatry
Father, Medical Doctor, amateur musician, and amazing home cook. Mario got his degree from La Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela and currently practices medicine in Colombia. Mario always had an interest in relevant social work. That’s why he started in general practice for the national health system, then specialized as a legal abortion provider for 3 years. Afterward, he worked in psychiatric units and took care of refugees in Colombia.
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