Karen Barnard

B.Sc in Human Movement Science | Certified Sports Nutrition & Massage Therapy Expert

After starting up her own private training facility, Karen took a great interest in training and recovery modalities that affect our sleep. She loves health research and writing about her findings, so that she can incorporate it into, not just only her lifestyle, but so many clients she coaches. After a long day on her feet, nothing excites her more than a comfy pillow and putting her feet up. While she rests she can reflect on her day and what she has come to learn, making notes for more articles.

When she is not putting pen to paper, Karen runs her private training facility, which focuses on personal training, sports conditioning, and sports massage therapy. In the studio, Karen’s main aim is to provide a holistic environment for her clients to reach and maintain their goals, by teaching them how to live a balanced and active lifestyle. Incorporating stretch therapy into classes has been a main aspect of helping clients achieve a “calmer mind” and better sleep.

Karen enjoys running... (a lot), socializing with friends, and traveling the world in search of a new sporting adventure.

Sleeping position: Left side sleeper – pillow between legs and arms

Sleep Hours logged each night: As much as she can get :p (9 pm lights out)

Always sleeps with: Inevitably her 3-year-old daughter who comes for a snuggle every night