Helene Josephine Duun

Medical Anthropologist

Helene Josephine Duun is a medical anthropologist who brings a critical and nuanced perspective to the field of public health. Her research recognizes that the assumptions and beliefs that inform how we define health problems and solutions can sometimes obscure the actual needs of the people affected. She emphasizes the significance of co-designing solutions that cater to diverse groups of people, and her work is characterized by a commitment to people-centered and collaborative explorations of health issues and their interconnectedness.

With a career devoted to promoting healthier paths for individuals, communities, and the planet, Helene Josephine practices what she preaches in her daily life. You'll find her snoozing like a pro, eating the good stuff, and busting a move with her dance or yoga routine to stay healthy and balanced.

Sleeping Position: Combination Sleeper.

Sleep Hours Logged Each Night: 8 Hours.

Always Sleeps With: A puffy pillow and duvet.