Malia Budd, MD

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Malia Budd is a writer, therapist and health and wellness educator. She brings a high level of expertise and clinical experience to her content and believes empowerment and education are the keys to success. She graduated with a Bachelor's from Duke University and then went on to achieve both a Master's and a Doctorate degree from University of Delaware.

Malia has worked as a doctor of physical therapy in a variety of clinical settings ranging from a Level 1 trauma hospital to cancer center to an outpatient amputee clinic. She has seen firsthand the significant impacts that poor sleep hygiene can have on the health of her patients and herself. You could often find her in the hospital advocating for her patients to have designated uninterrupted sleep hours to improve their outcomes.

When not working or writing, Malia absolutely loves going on long walks with her dog, doing hot yoga, watercolor painting, and reading.

Sleeping Position: Side Sleeper (but a back sleeper in-training)

Sleep Hours Logged Each Night: 9 hours

Always Sleeps With: the fan on, pink noise, and a pillow between my knees