Mac Mansi

Lead Producer

Mac Mansi has been a member of the Sleepiverse community since October 2022. He acts as the lead producer for Sleepiverse. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of California in 2019. Mac has been working as a producer, photographer, and videographer since.

Mac likes to watch films and tv shows as well as practice content-creating in his free time. He has 3 years of experience in filmography, which gave him a sense of art that allowed him to produce as well as being behind the camera.

What makes Mac special is how closely he works with the team at Sleepiverse to create a friendly environment that nurtures amazing content. Everyone at Sleepiverse loves how Mac makes them feel at ease in front of the camera.

Sleeping Position: Back Sleeper

Sleep Hours Logged Each Night: 9

Always Sleeps With: His camera and laptop after a cozy night of editing photos & videos in bed (or that's his excuse for treating his equipment like a sleep teddy bear)