Mario Perozo, MD

General Practice & Psychiatry

Mario is a social-driven professional. He was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela; home of the best cheese and culture in the world (according to him).

Mario migrated to Colombia to freely pursue using his experience as a medical doctor to bring a positive impact on his community in Bogotá. Since then, he has done important work as a legal abortion provider in the health system, spent some time as a hospitalist in psychiatric units, and currently is working with endangered Venezuelan refugees, providing basic healthcare and prenatal care. He loves psychiatry and is currently pursuing a degree in psychiatry. As a proud father of his 4-year-old son, Mario aspires to use his expertise in medicine to build a better future for his family and his community.

Mario's hobbies include: Playing the guitar, singing, songwriting, cooking amazing healthy food, and exercising.

Sleeping Position: Sideways.

Sleep Hours Logged Each Night: 7-8 Hours.

Always Sleeps With: 3 Pillows.