Dr. Adil Maqbool

Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Adil is a doctor, researcher, and writer with a heart for people, his ability to juggle multiple roles comes from a foundation built at prestigious institutions.

Dr. Adil's articles are known for their clear, approachable style, and he likes to keep his readers informed with the latest medical insights. But Dr. Adil is more than a sum of his qualifications. His professional achievements, such as his 14+ internationally published research papers and recognition from the WHO, are a real testament to his dedication.

Known as one of the youngest accomplished researchers in his country, he is currently working on critical areas like lifestyle intervention and non-communicable diseases.

Away from his desk and clinic, Dr. Adil is just as passionate. Whether he's sharing advice with up-and-coming doctors or engaging in enlightening discussions with his peers, he's all about learning and giving back to his community. In the end, Dr. Adil is just a doctor with a pen, aiming to make the world a healthier place, one article at a time.

Sleeping Position: Side and Back.

Sleep Hours Logged Each Night: 5-6 Hours.

Always Sleeps With: A book and a glass of water by his side.