Split Mattresses: Everything You Need to Know

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Split mattresses are a great solution for couples with differing sleep needs. This article delves into everything you need to know about split mattresses, which offer a customizable sleeping experience. We discuss various types, including full-split and half-split options, and their advantages over traditional king-size mattresses. Covering aspects from sizing and bed frames to bedding choices, we provide comprehensive insights to help you decide if a split king mattress is the ideal choice for your shared sleeping space.

What is a Split King Mattress?

A split king bed is a bed that is made up of two separate long single mattresses, also known as twin XL mattresses, which are placed side by side to form a king-size sleeping surface. This type of bed is gaining popularity due to its several advantages over a standard king-size bed.

Unlike a conventional mattress, where the components are permanently connected, a split mattress features a separation, either on the top, bottom, or throughout the mattress. This separation allows for greater flexibility and customization.

There are two types of split mattresses: complete-split and half-split.

A full-split mattress is divided down to the base, meaning both the foundation and the top layers are separate units. This type of split mattress offers the most flexibility and independence, allowing for individual adjustments and even different mattress types for each sleeper.

The half-split mattress, also known as a partial-split mattress, comprises a connected foundation, usually a coil layer, with divided upper layers. This type of split mattress provides some flexibility while maintaining a more unified bed structure.

A woman sleeps on one side of a split king bed while a man reads on the other side.

What Size Is a Split King Mattress?

Mattress TypeDimensionsSurface Area
Split King76” x 80” (two 38” mattresses in width)6,080 sq. ft.
Standard King76” x 80”6,080 sq. ft.

A split king mattress is a king-size mattress that is constructed from two Twin XL mattresses. The dimensions of these mattresses might vary. The bulk of them are the conventional Twin XL size of 38′′ x 80′′.

What is the difference between a split king and a standard king?

King-size mattresses are the largest common mattress size, measuring 76 inches by 80 inches. They offer plenty of personal space, making them a good alternative for couples who have spacious master bedrooms. They may not, however, be appropriate for smaller bedrooms.

A Split King Mattress: A Split King mattress is the same size as a king-size bed but is made up of two twin XL mattresses laid side by side. This design is perfect for couples who have different sleeping habits, allowing each individual to personalize their side of the bed without compromising on overall sleeping space. Split king mattresses also offer compatibility with adjustable beds and are considerably easier to maneuver compared to a single large king mattress.

What type of bed frame should you use for a split king?

Split king mattresses are designed to accommodate a king-size frame, however, an adjustable bed foundation is the best bed frame for a split king mattress.

It allows you to comfortably accommodate two independent mattresses within the frame while also altering the position of your mattress. Adjustable bases are an excellent method to further personalize your sleeping experience so that both you and your partner can have a good night's sleep.

Keep in mind that adjustable bed frames are sometimes rather expensive; however, they may be worth the expense, especially if you and your partner have opposing sleeping habits. One excellent option to consider is the SONU Adjustable Base.

Split King Bed Setup

One effective strategy to prevent mattress slippage is to use a bed frame specifically designed for your split king mattress and featuring rails that are sufficiently high to keep the mattresses in place. While mattress sliding isn't a common issue for all split king bed owners, it's not something you should expect to deal with.

There are a few considerations you should make while choosing bedding for a split king bed. First, one fitted sheet for each mattress will need to be purchased separately. A king-size flat sheet to cover the top will also be required.

In addition to fitted and flat sheets, you may also want to consider additional bedding items such as a duvet cover, pillowcases, toppers, and mattress protectors. When making your selections, ensure that all pieces match the dimensions of your split king bed and are arranged for optimal comfort.

Pros of a Split King Mattress

Reduced Motion Transfer

Because the bed consists of two separate mattresses, motion transfer is reduced.

For couples who are particularly sensitive to movement, a split king bed can make a world of difference. The reduced motion transfer can help to improve sleep quality and prevent disruptions, leading to more restful nights and more energized days.

Adjustable Bed Compatible

When it comes to achieving the ultimate sleep comfort, a split king adjustable foundation is an outstanding choice. This specialized base perfectly complements a split king mattress, providing you and your partner with the ability to personalize your sleeping positions and enhance your overall sleep experience.

Customized Comfort

Whether you prefer watching TV while your partner drifts off to sleep or enjoy reading late into the night, an adjustable split king base accommodates your individual needs without compromising support or comfort. Simply sync your settings to find a mutually agreeable position when it's time to cuddle up.

With a split king mattress, each sleeper may personalize their side of the bed, offering them greater flexibility in terms of choosing their bedding, sleeping position, and bed adjustments.

A woman sleeps on one side of a split king bed while a man reads on the other side.

Cons of a Split King Bed


Split king mattresses are more costly than standard king beds. Because this mattress size is less popular than others, retailers and manufacturers can charge more for it than the same bed in a non-split version.

The Gap Between Mattresses

Split king mattresses, consisting of two twin XL mattresses positioned side by side, offer several advantages, including reduced motion transfer and personalized comfort. However, one potential drawback is the noticeable seam between the two mattress halves. This gap can disrupt the overall sleep experience if not addressed appropriately.

If this gap is bothering you way too much, you must be ready to invest in a mattress gap filler.

Not Ideal for Cuddling

A split king may not be the best solution for a couple that likes to cuddle close at night. Cuddling in bed may be difficult due to the different mattresses and the seams between them.

Not Suitable for Small Children

Modern split kings contain features that hold the mattress together, making it less likely for sleepers to fall into the gap.

While we cannot recommend split king mattresses for individuals sleeping with young children or small pets due to the potential safety hazard, the gap between modern split king mattresses is generally not a major concern for most sleepers.

Split King Bedding and Sheets

Split-top king sheets are designed specifically for adjustable beds that feature two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. Unlike regular king-size fitted sheets, split-top king sheets remain in place even when the bed is adjusted, ensuring continuous coverage and comfort.

Split-top king sheets with a joined bottom section and two separated top sections that fit over each twin XL mattress. This unique design accommodates the movement of the adjustable bed frame, preventing the fitted sheet from bunching up or slipping off the mattresses.

If your split king bed does not have an adjustable base, you can either use two twin XL fitted sheets for each mattress or cover both mattresses with a standard king-size sheet set. The standard king-size sheet set may create a more unified appearance for the bed, but it may not provide the same level of coverage and comfort as split-top king sheets or twin XL fitted sheets.

Split King Comforters

When it comes to top sheets and comforters, some individuals choose different blankets for each bed or a king-size blanket set to make the beds look more coherent. This is entirely up to your discretion.

If you know one of your partners is a frequent blanket stealer, getting separate blankets may be a smart idea, although some people may think that having different blankets makes it difficult to cuddle or feel connected to their sleeping partner.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Split King-Size Bed


Determine a price range for your bed frame purchase and look at possibilities within that price range.

To pick the best King Split Bed, consider pricing, quality, and features.

The size of your bedroom

Consider the size and measurements of your bedroom first. Make sure that a split king mattress will fit comfortably in your area, leaving enough space for mobility and other bedroom furnishings.

Your sleep needs

A split king provides for personalized personalization and comfort on each side of the bed. A King Split Mattress, as opposed to a normal king mattress, gives versatility and adapts to the specific sleep needs of both you and your partner.

Your personal preferences

Consider your personal sleep preferences as well as any unique health concerns you or your partner may have. If you require more support or suffer from back problems, look for a mattress with adjustable firmness or tailored pressure relief.


Is a Split King the same as two Twin XL mattresses?

The total dimensions of the Twin XL mattresses are the same as those of a Standard King. But remember to take a few things into account. It's possible that two Twin XL mattresses you purchase from different companies won't have the same height.

Is a Split King mattress right for couples?

While you can still cuddle close to your partner on a split king mattress, there will be a subtle gap in the middle. Despite this minor difference, a split king mattress remains an excellent choice for achieving a good night's sleep while sharing a bed with your partner.

Can you feel the split in a split king?

Because a split king mattress is made up of two mattresses connected, there is a gap, but most sleepers are unable to feel it because of how well the mattresses are fitted.

Do Split King beds separate?

No, split king beds do not separate in the sense that they come apart completely. The two mattresses are placed side by side to create a sleeping surface equivalent to a standard king mattress. The mattresses are typically held together by straps or interlocking foam edges to minimize the gap between them.

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