Bear Original Mattress Review

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Bear Original Mattress

Many people search the vast world of mattresses in search of the ideal night's sleep, and among them is the Bear Original Mattress. This mattress, which is well-known for its eco-friendly materials and supportive design, promises to be both comfortable and a step towards more sustainable bedroom furnishings.

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Product Details
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Memory Foam
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Medium Firm
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120-Night Trial Period
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Free Shipping and Easy Returns
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Lifetime Warranty
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$786 - $1690
This mattress is a good choice for:
Hot Sleepers

Ideal for hot sleepers who would like to stay cool at night.

Combination Sleepers

Ideal for sleepers who shift position often while sleeping.

Back Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight back sleepers.


Offers excellent motion isolation and other features with couples in mind.

Environmentally Conscious Sleepers

Ideal for people looking for a product made of natural and eco-friendly materials.

Pain Relief

Ideal for people looking for back and spine pain relief.


Ideal for people looking for the best option on a limited budget.

Great Warranty

Ideal for people looking for an outstanding long warranty that protects their investment.

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Bear Original Mattress

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Bear is a mattress company that launched in 2015 after multiple successes selling mattresses in their store “Hibernate Bedding” which led to them winning multiple awards in achieving maximum comfort and amazing mattresses with multiple health benefits.

reviewer laying on Bear Original mattress

A testament to comfort and creativity in the ever-changing world of sleep technology, the Bear Original Mattress is unique. Modern materials and a comfortable layout come together in this mattress, which is engineered to meet the various needs of users and offers an unmatched sleeping experience.

In this article, we will discuss the following for the Bear Original mattress:

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Who do we recommend this mattress for?
  • Unboxing Experience
  • Firmness, Feel, and Comfort
  • Constructions, Materials, and Design
  • Performance
  • Warranty and Company Policies
  • FAQs about the mattress
  • Final Verdict

Note: The Bear Original comes with a breathable TENCEL™ Cover. However, in this article, we are reviewing the Bear Original with the optional Celliant Infused Cover for extra cooling.

Bear Original Mattress Overview


  • Versatile: It is suitable for all types of sleepers, which makes it a comfortable, luxurious option with a medium-firm feel. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, the mattress provides comfort and pressure relief on all body parts.
  • Pressure Relief: The mattress offers the best pressure relief because of the way its memory foam and other foam layers are combined. It also helps distribute body weight properly and relieve pressure spots, this might be very helpful for people who have joint discomfort or other issues.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: CertiPUR-US®-certified foams are used in the production of the Bear Mattress, indicating that they are free of harmful chemicals and materials. This certification guarantees that the mattress meets the highest standards for environmental responsibility and indoor air quality.
  • Temperature Control: The materials used in the Bear Mattress are designed to help with temperature control, thanks to the cooling gel memory foam. It helps disperse extra body heat and create a comfortable sleep environment throughout the night, this can be especially helpful for people who tend to sleep hot.


  • Not the best option for heavy sleepers: Heavier sleepers may find that the mattress lacks sufficient support and durability over time( typically over 230 pounds).
  • Limited Availability: The Bear Original Mattress may not be available for purchase in all regions or countries, limiting accessibility for some potential customers.

Who do we recommend the Bear Original Mattress for?

  • Those Who Want Pressure Relief: The Bear Original Mattress is excellent at relieving pressure because of its layers of responsive foam that adapt to the shape of the body and ease pressure points. This can help distribute body weight evenly and encourage spinal alignment, which can be especially helpful for people who have back pain, joint pain, or other discomforts.
  • Those in Need of Diverse Support: The Bear Original Mattress's medium-firm feel provides a good mix of comfort and support, making it ideal for a variety of sleep positions. Enough support is provided by its supporting foam layers, which also give just enough cushioning to relieve pressure.
  • Those on a budget: The Bear original mattress starts at a price of only $786, which is a very good price in comparison to its competitors, whose quality is worth way more, which makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget looking for a luxurious experience**.**
  • Warranty-Conscious Buyers: The Bear Original provides you with a lifetime warranty, unlike its competitors, so that at any given moment, if your mattress is defective, you can return it. Bear believes that mattresses are made to last a lifetime, not just a couple of years.
  • Eco-Friendly Sleepers: CertiPUR-US-certified chemical-free foams and eco-friendly materials are used in the construction of the Bear Original mattress. Bear Mattress is dedicated to social responsibility and environmental sustainability; it supports green initiatives like mattress recycling and donates its income to environmental organizations.

Unboxing the Bear Original Mattress

Depending on your location and the shipping method, you can expect delivery of the Bear Mattress within a few days to a week after placing an order. The mattress is delivered right to your home in a little box for your convenience.

You can relocate the mattress box to a room of your choice once you receive it. Transporting the box is convenient, as we found it to be rather lightweight and maneuverable. We took a pair of scissors and gently cut through the packing tape to open the box and start the unwrapping procedure. The compressed mattress was neatly rolled and covered in plastic once the box was opened.

We use scissors to carefully cut away the plastic wrapping once the mattress is placed on the floor. The mattress began to expand and take on its normal shape as soon as the plastic was removed.

The Bear Mattress will fill up the bed edges beautifully and expand to its full size in a few hours after the plastic wrapping is removed, which is comparatively less time than other mattresses. This indicates great corner expansion.

While the mattress's all-foam construction might lead to a temporary, mild odor upon arrival, simply give it a full day to air out and the fresh scent of your new eco-friendly mattress will be ready to enjoy.

Firmness, Feel, and Comfort For the Bear Original Mattress

Bear Original Mattress Firmness

By rating its firmness, the bear mattress received a 7/10, indicating it is a slightly firmer, medium-firm mattress.

Bear Original mattress firmness

The mattress is entirely made of foam, and its comfort foam layers give you the feeling of sleeping “in” the mattress instead of sleeping “on” it. The Bear Original Mattress is made for people wanting to get the feeling of a hug while getting the full support and pressure relief that the mattress’s firmness provides.

Bear Original Mattress Feel

Lying on the Original Bear mattress, you get to feel the softness of the top layer of gel memory foam, which also has a slight density to it. It feels firm at first, but then you start sinking into the mattress. This conforming sensation is almost like a hug as it molds to your body shape.

Moving around on the mattress is easy, and it responds quickly to your body's movements, making it a good choice for combination sleepers as well.

Bear Original Mattress Comfort

Just like firmness, your body weight and chosen sleeping position also impact how comfortable your mattress feels.

Bear Original mattress

The Bear Original mattress boasts features like extra pressure relief, great motion isolation, and temperature regulation. Which all aid in enhancing the comfort of the mattress.

Our tests across a range of body weights and sleeping styles revealed that the mattress offered good comfort for the majority of sleepers.

Here’s a table summarizing these results:

Lightweight (Under 150 lb)ExcellentVery GoodVery Good
Average (150 – 250 lb)ExcellentExcellentVery Good
Above Average (Over 250 lb)Very GoodVery GoodGood

Constructions, Materials, and Design

Materials and Design

The Bear Original Mattress consists primarily of foam components, each of which has a distinct purpose in providing durability, comfort, and support. The Bear Original Mattress's design balances performance, comfort, and support, and it includes materials that are intended to improve sleep quality—particularly for athletes and those who struggle with discomfort or seek the best possible pressure relief. Every layer of the Bear mattress is designed to maximize the quality of your sleep.


Bear Original mattress layers

  1. Celliant® Cover: The Bear Original Mattress has a Celliant® cover on the top layer. By turning body heat into infrared energy, Celliant® is a unique fabric technology that is intended to speed up recovery and enhance sleep quality. After that, the body receives a reflection of this energy, which may improve oxygenation and blood flow.
  2. Comfort Foam Layer: A layer of comfort foam usually lies beneath the Celliant® cover. The goal of this foam is to promote pressure reduction and relaxation as you sleep through cushioning and body contouring.
  3. Reactive Transition Foam: A layer of sensitive transition foam is usually included in Bear Original mattresses. This foam offers support and keeps you from sinking too far into the mattress by acting as a transitional layer between the comfort layer and the base layer.
  4. High-Density Support Foam: High-density support foam serves up the base layer of the Bear Original Mattress. This layer forms the mattress's base and offers the complete structure of the mattress: solidity, toughness, and long-lasting support.

Performance of Bear Original Mattress


Couples frequently use cooling beds because they overheat more quickly than single people do. However, if you sleep solo, it's also quite easy to overheat on a hot mattress. Fortunately, the bear sleeps cool thanks to its gel infusions, which is remarkable for an all-foam bed.

image shows cooling in the Bear Original mattress

Additionally, it has the option to add a cover that keeps your temperature low and is composed of a material called Celliant—more on that in a moment.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that this addition does come with an additional $130 before checking out. For those who sleep hot, we suggest this mattress, even in the absence of this extra cover. The Bear features open-cell memory foam to promote airflow and is made to sleep colder than regular foam mattresses.

To evaluate the Bear Original Mattress's cooling potential, we laid on it for 20 minutes while monitoring its heat retention. After 20 minutes, we didn't feel any heat, suggesting great cooling performance.

The Bear Original Mattress has scored an excellent 4.5/5 on our cooling test.


We use a 20-pound ball for our responsiveness test. We track how long it takes the mattress to recover and regain its normal shape. The mattress took 1.2 seconds to get back to its original form, which means it has average responsiveness.

As memory foam conforms to your body, memory foam mattresses, like the Bear, typically respond less forcefully to pressure. This is unlike hybrid mattresses that frequently respond to pressure more quickly.

Despite its conforming nature, the Bear mattress allows for easy movement during sleep. Making it suitable for most sleepers.

Therefore, the mattress has scored 4/5 on our responsiveness test.

Motion Isolation

Lower motion transfer is more desirable as it prevents sleeping partners from waking each other up in the middle of the night. We conducted two tests to evaluate the motion isolation of the bed in terms of how efficiently it absorbs movement between mattresses.

reviewer setting on Bear Original mattress

In the first test, we put a 20-pound ball on one side of the bed and placed a glass of water on the other to measure how much the water traveled. The bear achieves excellent motion-transfer outcomes.

We think this mattress does an excellent job of isolating motion because we didn't notice any excessive splashing of the water. It's unlikely that you will feel your partner move, even if you both sleep lightly.

In the second test, one person lay on the mattress, and the other rolled over and moved to one side of the bed. On the other hand, the individual in a state of rest reported no sensation of movement.

The Bear Original mattress provides exceptional motion isolation, earning a score of 5/5 for our motion isolation performance test.

Edge Support

How well a mattress supports its edges depends on the strength of the bed's outside borders. The less it sinks and compresses, the better.

To assess the mattress’s edge support, we applied firm pressure to its edges. The layers allowed us to feel enough support and counterpressure. We released the pressure, and the edges instantly took on their former shape.

In addition, as we sat on the edges of the bed, we could feel our weights sink a little, but not a lot. This might not be the ideal option for people who sleep heavily or who would rather sit or lie on the edge of the bed.

The Bear original mattress scored 3.5/5 on our edge support test.


When making the choice, you should consider a mattress's noise level. It is even more crucial if you sleep lightly or in a couple. Getting in and out of bed during the night can create a lot of noise, which can keep your partner up.

We place a 20-pound ball on the mattress and do our standard noise test. We then use sensitive microphones to listen for any disruptions or squeaks. The mattress was silent.

Due to its lack of noise and foam nature, the Original Bear Mattress scored a perfect 5/5 in the noise performance test.


It's essential to know that for pleasant sexual fulfillment, a mattress should have the ideal amount of bounce, cooling, edge support, and noise suppression.

There's a lot of bounce in the purple bed, and more bounce than anything else enhances overall sex performance. In contrast, the bear mattress offers strong edge support. This mattress doesn't produce any noise and offers sufficient cooling.

In our sex performance test, the bear mattress received an overall rating of 4/5.

Pressure Relief

By examining the mattress's performance in a range of sleeping positions, we can determine how well it relieves pressure. We use pressure mapping equipment to measure the pressure levels throughout our bodies while we lie on the bed for our pressure relief test.

Below is an example of our findings: the more blue, the better. We treat the three primary categories of pain: back, shoulder, and hip.

Before you read the results below, consider your sleeping habits. Choose a mattress with little to no pressure accumulation if you sleep on your side and get pain in your shoulders and hips.

Bear Original mattress pressure relief

These pressure map findings suggest that the Bear would be a fantastic choice for back sleepers who endure back pain. The harder foams underneath should maintain your spine in a healthy alignment, and its gel memory foam layer should be excellent at relieving lower back tension.

The Bear original mattress gets a 5/5 on our pressure relief test as it does the job of relieving the sleeper’s body in all sleeping positions.

Bear Warranty and Company Policies


Many manufacturers produce mattresses that should be changed every few years. Bear doesn't, and they stand by their goods with the longest lifetime warranty in the business. Bear Mattresses offers an excellent in-house customer support team that is available to assist you if there is a defect.


120-night trial is available if you want to try the Bear Original Bed, in which you can decide whether you want to keep it or not. They will issue a full refund and have it picked up for you free of charge.


If your Bear mattress isn't the ideal fit, they'll take it up for free and give you a complete refund.

After 120 nights, there will be no refunds or returns accepted. Goods marked as "final sale" or "clearance" cannot be returned, exchanged, or reimbursed.


Bear provides free standard shipping within the United States on all goods.


The prices and sizes of the mattress without the Celliant® cover are shown in the table below. check their website for information about discounts and availability.

Twin38″ x 74″ x 10″$786
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 10″$849
Full54″ x 75″ x 10″$911
Queen60″ x 80″ x 10″$998
King76″ x 80″ x 10″$1,304
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 10″$1,304
Split King38″ x 80″ x 10″ (x2)$1,690

Bear Mattress prices are very affordable despite having premium foams and cutting-edge technology like Celliant® covers that are used in the manufacturing of Bear Mattresses. This is enough reason to consider the mattress a good value for the price.

Policies Overview

WarrantyLifetime Warranty Mattress
Trial120-Nights Free Trial
Return PolicyFree Returns
ShippingFree Shipping in the United States
Financing OptionsZero Interest - Via Affirm
Country of OriginProudly made in the United States

FAQs about Bear Original Mattress

What is the Celt?

A microparticle known as a celliant is composed of materials such as silicon and aluminum oxide. It can assist in regulating your body temperature and enhancing circulation by reflecting infrared light.

Where are bear mattresses made?

All Bear mattresses are made in the USA.

Is sleeping on a bear mattress safe?

To ensure that you are not exposed to any health-hazardous elements while you sleep, Bear mattresses are independently tested to ensure that they meet strict third-party chemical emissions requirements set by GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US.

What if I can’t set up my mattress?

Bear offers multiple white glove delivery services to help you set up and remove your mattress at any given time for prices ranging from $100-$200 which will help you if you can’t set up your own new Bear mattress or remove your old one.

Bear Original Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

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Edge Support
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Motion Isolation
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Company Policies
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Pressure Relief
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Temperature Regulation
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Unboxing Experience
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Sex Performance


If you’re a person struggling with body pain and in need of pressure relief and a comfy, luxurious sleep experience, then you should go for the bear mattress, as it fulfills all the needs for the best sleep you can get.

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Bear Original Mattress

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