Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress Review

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Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite mattress features innovative materials and a focus on detail. Its plush comfort layers and unique design might be a good fit for those seeking an upgrade in sleep experience.

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Product Details
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120-Night Trial Period
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10-Year Warranty
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$1,249 - $2,899
This mattress is a good choice for:
Back Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight back sleepers.

Side Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight side sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

Ideal for sleepers who shift position often while sleeping.


Offers excellent motion isolation and other features with couples in mind.

Pain Relief

Ideal for people looking for back and spine pain relief.

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Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress

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In the bedding sector, Brooklyn Bedding is a well-known manufacturer renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation. Brooklyn Bedding is known for creating luxurious and comfortable mattresses with cutting-edge materials and painstaking attention to detail.

A unique sleeping option with outstanding comfort and support is the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress. With components like individually encased coils and exclusive TitanFlexTM foam, this mattress provides excellent pressure relief, temperature control, and motion isolation for a genuinely restorative sleep experience.

In this article, we will go through the items:

  • Pros and Cons
  • Who we recommend this mattress for
  • Unboxing Experience
  • Firmness, Feel, and Comfort
  • Materials and Design
  • Warranty and Return Policies
  • FAQs
  • Final Verdict

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Overview


  • Luxurious Comfort: The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress's plush and supportive feel guarantees a restful night's sleep.
  • Advanced Materials: The mattress provides exceptional pressure relief and support thanks to its individually encased coils and exclusive TitanFlexTM foam.
  • Temperature Control: To help you stay comfortable all night, the mattress uses cooling technology to disperse heat.
  • Motion Isolation: This mattress is perfect for couples because each individually encased coil reduces motion transfer.
  • Durability: The Sedona Elite is made to last for many years thanks to its superior construction and skilled craftsmanship.


  • Firmness Options: The Sedona Elite's limited firmness options may be excessively restrictive for some users' preferences.

Who do we recommend the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite for?

  • Those seeking pressure relief: The Sedona Elite provides exceptional support for those in need of relief from body aches and pressure points.
  • Hot sleepers: The Sedona Elite is great for those who have trouble staying cool at night and want a mattress with cooling features.
  • Couples: The Sedona Elite is great for couples seeking a mattress that won't move around much, making it appropriate for shared sleeping areas.
  • Back Sleepers: Its zoned support system supports the lower spine, multiple comfort layers that provide a balance of cushioning and support, firmness options that cater to individual preferences, and breathable materials that promote airflow for a comfortable sleep environment throughout the night.

Unboxing the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite

The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite mattress unfolds in a way similar to that of other mattresses found in stores. After being compressed, the mattress was shipped in a box. We started rolling it onto the bed and unpacking.

After we unrolled the mattress, we kept an eye on it to see how long it took it to fully expand. The mattress needed a few hours to return to its original shape and firmness. The mattress's corners showed good corner expansion.

When mattresses are unboxed, they frequently release an odor known as off-gassing. This mattress is no different, though it did smell a little new product-like at first, but it quickly went away.

Firmness, Feel, and Comfort For Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Firmness

The Brooklyn Sedona Elite Mattress strikes the perfect mix of comfort and support for those who prefer a little extra plushiness, scoring a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it a medium. The individually enclosed coils greatly contribute to the support and relief of the mattress because of their function as the core support and outstanding responsiveness.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite firmness scale

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Feel

We enjoyed great body cushioning while sleeping on the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress, all without sacrificing the mattress's level of support.

The Sedona Elite offers a sleeping surface that is exceptionally responsive and comfortable. For most sleepers, switching positions is simple because of the mattress's enhanced responsiveness thanks to its pocketed coils.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Comfort

The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress provides outstanding support and a cloud-like sensation when you lie down on it. The uppermost layers offer mild cushioning, conforming to the contours of the body and alleviating pressure points, making the mattress perfect for side sleepers and those suffering from hip or shoulder pain.

The responsiveness of the mattress will become apparent as you get comfortable, enabling effortless shifting and adjusting during the night. Overall, there's an inviting feel to the surface that encourages relaxation and restorative sleep, thanks to the combination of luxurious softness and strong support.

Thus, the mattress is great for back sleepers; however, it may not be the best option for stomach sleepers, as they need a firmer sleeping surface to provide enough support for their sleeping position.

Sleeper WeightBack SleepersSide SleepersStomach Sleepers
Lightweight (Under 150 lb)ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Average (150 – 250 lb)ExcellentExcellentGood
Above Average (Over 250 lb)GoodVery GoodGood

Constructions, Materials, and Design

Materials and Design

Superior materials are used in the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress to offer durability, support, and comfort. Its construction makes use of solid foams that have earned the CertiPUR-US® certification. All three work together to moderate the mattress's temperature and prevent heat retention by keeping the sleeping area cool.


  1. Glaciotex+ Cooling Cover: Its top layer helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cozy and cool all night long. The cooling qualities of the cover aid in removing extra heat and produce a cool sleeping surface.
  2. 1.5" Copper Infused Memory Foam: This layer offers improved cooling capabilities as well as antimicrobial advantages thanks to memory foam infused with copper particles. It offers contouring support, relieves pressure points, and encourages healthy spinal alignment.
  3. 2.5" Micro Wrapped Coils: By providing focused support and reducing motion transfer, these individually wrapped coils promote restful sleep. The microsize of the coils improves responsiveness, making movement easier and allowing them to conform to the shape of your body.
  4. 1.5-inch Transition Foam: This layer of foam acts as a buffer between the comfort and support layers of the mattress, facilitating seamless transitions and extending its overall lifespan. It keeps the mattress from sinking too much and adds to its balanced feel.
  5. 8" Ascension® Coils: Ascension® coils, which offer strong support and longevity, make up the mattress's core. With a purposeful design, these coils provide the best possible spinal alignment and uniformly distribute weight across the mattress surface.
  6. 1" High-Density Foam Base: The base layer gives the mattress's structure its fundamental support. This layer, which is made of high-density foam, extends the life of the mattress by supporting its stability and durability.

Performance of Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite


A mattress's cool-down ability is crucial for people who overheat during the night.

Before taking a temperature reading for our standard cooling test, we lie down on the mattress for 20 minutes to allow the bed to absorb our body heat. The mattress surface felt cool, and there were no signs of body heat buildup during the test.

The Brooklyn Bedding Elite Sedona mattress is a hybrid, so coils are incorporated into the design to maximize breathability and airflow. It's a cool, comfortable choice for hot sleepers and couples alike.

The Brooklyn Bedding Elite Sedona mattress scored 4.7/5 in our cooling test.


To make sure that moving around while you sleep is comfortable, you need a responsive mattress.

For our responsiveness test, we use a 20-pound ball. We monitor how long it takes the mattress, once properly nestled in, to heal and return to its original shape.

The memory foam in Brooklyn bedding produces a hugging sensation, which demonstrates the mattress's high level of responsiveness and 0.5-second reaction time.

The high floating of the Brooklyn Bedding Elite Sedona Mattress helps it be responsive by allowing users to switch between positions easily and quickly without feeling constrained.

We rate the responsiveness of the Brooklyn Bedding Elite Sedona Mattress as 5/5.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is necessary for couples or individuals who share a bed because it reduces sleep disturbances.

A 20-pound ball and a glass of water were placed on opposite sides of the mattress to begin the test. On the other side, the water was hardly moving at all.

In the second test, one reviewer slept on the mattress, and the other rolled around on one side of the bed. The reviewer who was resting reported feeling barely any movement coming from the other side.

The motion-isolation features of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite mattress are excellent. If you're looking for a hybrid bed with good motion isolation, this seems like a good option because it effectively stops motion in its tracks. We therefore rated it 4.5/5.

Edge Support

A mattress with strong edge support minimizes roll-off sensations and maximizes the useful surface area of the mattress when you sit or sleep on the side of the bed.

We were able to assess the effectiveness of the edge support by applying pressure to the edges of the mattress and determining the degree of compression. We noticed that the edges sprung back quickly, and it didn't compress very much. We also felt a strong counterpressure.

Furthermore, when sitting on the edges of the bed, we felt almost no sinkage; this did not affect our ability to sleep.

The individually wrapped coils in the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite mattress provide stability and a sense of security, which enhances edge support. It also prevents the edges of the mattress from drooping.

On our edge support performance test, the mattress scored an excellent 4.7/5.


A calm sleeping environment is necessary for uninterrupted rest and healthy sleep.

To perform our standard noise test, we dropped a 20-pound ball onto the mattress. Using extremely sensitive microphones, we searched for any sounds produced by the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress.

The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress performed admirably in terms of noise level. The mattress was silent, and there was no sound.

The top-notch foam layers in the mattress did a fantastic job of isolating any noise produced while you slept, contributing to a peaceful atmosphere.

We give the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress a 5/5 for noise performance.


There are a few important factors to consider when evaluating a mattress's suitability for sexual activity: edge support, loudness, responsiveness, and bounce.

The bounciness of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress offers an extremely responsive surface that makes movement easier and fosters a more intimate setting.

There's enough edge support on this mattress to give you and your partner a sense of security. The mattress does a good job of reducing noise and doesn't cause any bothersome squeaks.

The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress receives a 5/5 for sex performance.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is a necessary feature of a mattress to ensure peaceful sleeping. For the best possible spinal alignment while you sleep, more pressure relief is required in a few sensitive body areas.

We lie on the bed and use pressure mapping technology to measure our body's pressure levels as part of our pressure relief test. With its premium foam and individually encased coils, the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress ought to provide the sleeper with immediate pressure relief.

The pressure map below displays the information we collected.

 Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite pressure map

We discovered that the Sedona Elite is an excellent back and side-sleeper mattress. Because of its balanced support and softness, the mattress will relieve back, shoulder, and hip pressure, as indicated by the blue areas.

For those who sleep on their stomachs, we also discovered that this mattress is too soft, as indicated by the yellowish-green hues. To keep their hips from sinking too far into the mattress, stomach sleepers are advised to choose a firmer mattress.

The Sedona Elite scored 4.5/5 on our pressure relief test.

Brooklyn Bedding Warranty and Company Policies


Brooklyn Bedding has a 10-year warranty that covers you. If a problem occurs during this term, Brooklyn Bedding will replace your mattress at no additional cost to you. However, the warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or accidents.


A 120-night trial period is available from Brooklyn Bedding. Since it takes the body around 30 nights to adjust to a new mattress, you should try the mattress for 30 nights at first. If you choose to return the mattress, Brooklyn will charge $99 for pickup; this cost will be deducted from your refund. After that, they give the mattress away to a recycling partner or a local charity.


Brooklyn will help you return the mattress and initiate the return process if, after it is delivered, you decide you're not quite satisfied and would like a refund. Once your mattress is delivered, you will begin your 120-night sleep trial. Every mattress has a return fee of $99 to pay.


Brooklyn ships out orders in 5-7 business days and offers free shipping within the US.


Prices for the Brooklyn Sedona Elite start at $1,249 and come in a range of sizes. For the most recent details, it is recommended to visit their website. as these prices do not include any discounts.

Twin38″ x 74″ x 13.75″$1,249
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 13.75″$1,549
Full54″ x 75″ x 13.75″$1,999
Queen60″ x 80″ x 13.75″$2,399
Short Queen60” x 75” x 13.75”$2,399
King76″ x 80″ x 13.75″$2,899
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 13.75″$2,899
Split King38″ x 80″ x 13.75″ (x2)$1,549

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses feature supportive coil systems and high-quality foams alongside other premium components. These durable materials often translate to excellent value for money due to their longevity.

While the initial cost of a Brooklyn Bedding mattress might seem higher compared to some budget options, its premium construction, customizable features, cutting-edge technology, and positive customer reviews suggest it could be a worthwhile investment. In the long run, you may experience better comfort, support, and overall sleep quality, justifying the initial price point.

Policies Overview

Warranty10-Year Warranty Mattress
Trial120-Nights Free Trial
Return PolicyFree Returns
ShippingFree Shipping in the United States
Financing OptionsZero Interest - Via Affirm
Country of OriginProudly made in the United States

FAQs about Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite

What is the difference between the Sedona Elite Mattress and conventional innerspring mattresses?

In comparison to conventional innerspring mattresses, the Sedona Elite Mattress offers a hybrid design that offers better pressure relief and motion isolation by fusing the support of innerspring coils with the comfort of cutting-edge foam materials.

Is the Sedona Elite Mattress helpful to hot sleepers?

Yes, the Sedona Elite Mattress is designed with cooling features like a breathable cover and copper-infused memory foam.

With the Sedona Elite Mattress, is it possible to use a mattress topper?

Yes, you can alter the feel of the Sedona Elite Mattress and add more cushioning or support, depending on your preferences, by using a mattress topper. Make sure the topper you select is suitable with the mattress and won't interfere with its cooling or supportive qualities.

How should the Sedona Elite Mattress be maintained and cleaned?

Spot clean the Sedona Elite Mattress as needed using warm water and a mild detergent. Steer clear of abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals, as they can harm the materials. Furthermore, turning the mattress regularly can help avoid uneven deterioration and increase its lifespan.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


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Pressure Relief
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Unboxing Experience
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The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress provides a great fusion of comfort, support, and cooling technology. It is the ideal option for individuals looking for the utmost in relaxation and renewal because of its excellent construction and cutting-edge features.

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Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress

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