Helix Sunset Mattress Review

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Helix Sunset Mattresss

The Helix Sunset is one of Helix’s softest mattresses, which serves to provide sleepers with great pressure relief and comfort so they can enjoy a pain-free sleep. People who prefer a softer sleep surface and enhanced pressure relief will enjoy sleeping on this mattress.

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Side Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight side sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

Ideal for sleepers who shift position often while sleeping.

Pain Relief

Ideal for people looking for back and spine pain relief.

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Helix Sunset Mattresss

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Helix is a sleep brand known for its innovative designs for mattresses. They offer a range of mattress models that come in three separate collections. They include hybrid designs and memory foam mattresses, which are catered to fit different needs and provide optimal comfort and support.

The Helix Sunset mattress is their softest mattress to date. It is designed with a focus on providing comfort and cushioning to side sleepers. This makes it the perfect mattress for a plush and gentle sleep experience.

Helix Sunset mattress

In this review, we'll cover:

  • Pros and cons
  • Unboxing experience
  • Comfort and feel
  • Construction and design
  • Performance results
  • Warranty and company policies, along with FAQs

Helix Sunset Mattress Overview


  • Outstanding Pressure Relief: The Helix Sunset mattress has a soft firmness level that allows for great pressure relief for most sleepers. It incorporates a comfort layer that works great at body contouring and conformity. It also includes wrapped coils, which provide targeted support and comfort during sleep.
  • Perfect for Light-weight Side Sleepers: Side sleepers tend to prefer a soft to medium mattress in firmness, as it provides better body contouring and alleviates pressure points. Light-weight sleepers will enjoy the firmness level of the Helix Sunset, as they will not exert as much pressure as heavier sleepers on the mattress.
  • Great Cooling: The Helix Sunset mattress offers exceptional cooling features tailored for hot sleepers. It features a personalized cover with three options that are all breathable, a copper gel memory foam that effectively dissipates heat, and individually wrapped coils with an open structure for enhanced airflow.


  • Too Soft for Plus-Size Sleepers: The Helix Sunset will not provide the required support for heavier body weights, which will eventually lead to issues. It will most likely result in problems like spinal misalignment, maximized pressure points, and an overall discomforting sleep experience.
  • Not Firm Enough for Stomach Sleepers: A mattress that fits stomach sleepers’ needs usually has great support and ensures spinal alignment. With the Helix Sunset’s softness, this is not the case, as it does not provide sufficient support and will not help elevate the hips. This will lead stomach sleepers to feel discomfort and wake up with pain and stiffness.

Who we Recommend the Helix Sunset Mattress for

  • Side-Sleepers: Pressure relief and comfort are crucial for people who sleep on their side. The Helix Sunset has great features that allow it to reduce pressure points in areas like the shoulder and hip regions. This will help give you proper alignment of your spine’s natural form, resulting in a comfortable sleep experience.
  • Combination Sleepers: The Helix Sunset mattress has great responsiveness as a result of the combination of reinforced coils. This will allow sleepers to easily switch positions at night, preventing them from feeling stuck.
  • Those looking for a mattress for pain relief: This mattress is an ideal choice for people suffering from joint pain. It will provide pain and pressure relief with its great body cushioning abilities, as well as the targeted support coming from the reinforced coils in the Helix Sunset mattress’s layers.

Unboxing the Helix Sunset Mattress

The Helix Sunset mattress ships compressed in a box. Unrolling the mattress on the sleep surface for it to decompress was pretty easy. The whole process was hassle-free, but you can ask a friend for assistance if it’s too heavy for you to lift on your own.

The Helix Sunset mattress took almost 24 hours to reach its full expansion and intended firmness level. As for the edges of the mattress, they also expanded almost immediately which indicates great corner expansion.

Off-gassing is a normal occurrence for all memory foam and hybrid mattresses. It is the release of volatile organic compounds in the mattresses’ materials.

The Helix Sunset mattress has a shorter off-gassing time than most mattresses, taking about two days. The new mattress smell is mild and fades away quickly. To speed up the off-gassing, you can put the mattress in a well-aired room with an open window.

Firmness, Feel, and Comfort For Helix Sunset Mattress

Helix Sunset Mattress Firmness

The Helix Sunset mattress has a soft firmness level with a score of 3/10 on the firmness scale. It is Helix’s softest mattress out of its three collections of mattresses.

Helix Sunset mattress firmness scale

The memory foam layers in the construction of the Helix Sunset add to the softness of the bed, which enhances the mattress’s performance in terms of body contouring and cushioning. It cradles your body, giving you the renowned memory foam cloud-like feel that a lot of sleepers look for in a mattress.

This mattress’s soft firmness level allows it to excel in pressure relief performance by alleviating pressure points and allowing you to get sleep free of pain or discomfort.

Helix Sunset Mattress Feel

The Helix Sunset mattress uses its innovative design and materials to provide you with a soft and comfortable surface to sleep on. You get three options to choose from for the top cover of your mattress, all with which you’ll get a cool and breathable sleeping surface that will feel soft to the touch and allow you to get a restful sleep.

The memory foam layers in the mattress cradle your body and do a great job at conforming to your body’s shape giving you a hug-like sensation that lots of sleepers seek in a mattress.

Helix Sunset Mattress Comfort

It’s important to note that mattresses feel different according to body weight and sleeping position. We conducted a few tests to evaluate the mattress’s performance in terms of comfort based on those two factors.

The Helix Sunset showed the best results in terms of comfort for sleepers who slept on their side and average to light-weighted sleepers. However, it did not provide ideal comfort to stomach sleepers and plus-size sleepers.

Sleeper WeightBack SleepersSide SleepersStomach Sleepers
Lightweight (Under 150 lb)ExcellentExcellentGood
Average (150 – 250 lb)Very GoodExcellentGood
Above Average (Over 250 lb)GoodGoodPoor

We will later cover the results shown in our pressure relief performance test.

Constructions, Materials, and Design

Materials and Design

The Helix Sunset mattress is made with the purpose of delivering great pressure relief and comfort to sleepers. It has a top cover with options you can choose from. It also includes a copper gel memory foam for pressure relief and cooling, Helix responsive foams for comfort and transition, individually wrapped coils, and finally, a DuraDense foam layer for the base of the mattress.


Helix Sunset layers

  1. Cover: Helix offers three customizable cover options to tailor your sleep experience: a breathable knit cover for air circulation, a GlacioTex cooling cover for sustained coolness, and a GlacioTex pillow top for enhanced plushness and comfort.
  2. Copper Gel Memory Foam: This layer of high-density gel foam gives the surface of the Helix Sunset mattress ultimate pressure relief and the best comfort. It incorporates copper material which is known for its cooling abilities. Copper helps dissipate body heat away from the mattress, giving you a cool sleep surface. The memory foam contours to the body’s natural curves which enhances overall pressure relief performance.
  3. Comfort Layer: This layer is made of responsive foam that adapts to your body’s shape which enhances body contouring and helps reduce pressure points in areas of the body which enhances the level of comfort during your sleep.
  4. Transition Layer: This layer is crucial for creating a smooth transition between softer comfort layers and firmer support layers in the Helix Sunset mattress. It is made of Helix’s responsive foam which provides your body with great cushioning and support. It also has a lower IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) which evaluates the foam’s firmness. This translates to a softer firmness level for the mattress which allows for great body conformity, alleviated pressure points, and a balanced level of support throughout the mattress.
  5. Body Shape Layer: Right below the transition layer, we see a layer of individually wrapped coils that provide the Helix Sunset bed with targeted support to multiple areas of the body. Their design allows for each coil to move independently which minimizes motion transfer, making this mattress an excellent choice for couples. Helix designed this layer to be reinforced around the perimeters of the bed for enhanced edge support which maximizes the usable surface area for sleepers.
  6. DuraDense Foam: This layer of high-density foam serves as the foundational supportive base of the entire mattress. It can withstand prolonged use and maintain its structure over time which enhances the overall stability and durability of the Helix Sunset mattress.

Performance of Helix Sunset Mattress


The cooling performance is a crucial factor to consider, especially for people who tend to get hot during their sleep. It affects sleep quality and overall comfort.

To carry out our standard cooling test, we lie down on the mattress for 20 minutes, waiting for the bed to absorb body heat, and then measure the temperature of the mattress.

With the Helix Sunset mattress, we didn’t feel any heat retention upon laying on the bed during our cooling test. This is an indicator of optimal temperature regulation and the mattress’s ability to maintain a cool sleep surface for sleepers.

The result shown from our cooling test comes from the mattress’s innovative design. The mattress we received is topped with a cover that is infused with GlacioTex which actively dissipates body heat, preventing heat retention. It also includes copper gel memory foam which also withdraws excessive heat away from the mattress. To top all of this, the wrapped coils’ open structure allows for a ton of airflow which enhances the overall cooling performance of the Helix Sunset mattress.

The Helix Sunset mattress scored a 4.3/5 on our cooling test.


If you’re a combination sleeper, we recommend considering responsiveness performance when looking for a suitable mattress.

For our responsiveness test, we use a 20-pound ball. Once fully rested, we measure how long the mattress takes to recover and retain its original shape.

The Helix Sunset mattress fully recovered with a response time of 0.4 seconds which is faster than the average response time which is 0.6 seconds. This is mainly due to the great motion transfer that comes from the coils as well as the soft firmness level of the mattress.

This feature in the Helix Sunset mattress allows for ease of movement which helps sleepers change positions during the night easily without getting a “stuck” sensation. It does not restrict movement which is an important factor for people with limited mobility.

We recommend this mattress for sleepers who actively switch positions during the night as it will provide them with a more dynamic sleep experience without any excessive sinkage.

We rate the Helix Sunset mattress a score of 4.5/5 in terms of responsiveness.

Motion Isolation

Motion Isolation is important for couples or people who share a bed together generally as it refers to the motion transfer level in the mattress caused by the movements of you or your partner during the night.

For our first test, we placed a glass of water on one side of the mattress and dropped a 20-pound ball on the other. The water moved and sloshed around, which meant the mattress did not absorb enough motion.

In the second test, one person lay on the mattress while another rolled around on the other side of the bed. The person lying at rest reported that they felt some movement from the other side.

This comes from the high responsiveness and motion transfer in the Helix Sunset bed. The coil system contributes to the high response levels of this mattress, resulting in reduced motion isolation performance.

We give the Helix Sunset bed a 3/5 for motion isolation.

Edge Support

Edge support is important for people who prefer to sleep or sit down on the side of the bed, as well as people with physical impairments as it provides them with the feeling of security and prevents them from getting a roll-off sensation.

Helix Sunset mattress

We test out edge support performance by applying pressure to the edges of the mattress and observing to see its level of compression. We noticed that it didn’t compress, and the edges sprung back to their shape.

We also sat on the edges of the bed and did not feel significant levels of sinkage. This is great for people who want maximized usable space across the mattress, especially those who prefer to sleep or sit on the edge of the bed.

You may think the Helix Sunset mattress lacks edge support due to its soft firmness level. However, this is not the case, as it includes reinforced coils around the perimeter for better edge support. This gives the mattress great durability and longevity and allows sleepers to feel secure while sitting or lying down on the sides of the bed.

The Helix Sunset mattress rates a 4.5/5 regarding edge support performance.


If you’re a couple or you share the bed with a partner, you should take noise performance into consideration when looking to buy a mattress. Noise performance reflects the noises or sounds produced by the mattress which can cause sleep disruptions and deprive you of good sleep quality,

We conducted our standard noise test by dropping a 20-pound ball onto the mattress. With the Helix Sunset bed, we used highly sensitive microphones to listen for any noises produced, but none were found.

Despite the Helix Sunset’s inclusion of wrapped coils which increases the possibilities of noise emission, the Helix Sunset performed excellently in terms of noise performance. The memory foam layers in its construction play a big role in absorbing any potential noise production which will allow couples, and sleepers in general, to get a quiet night’s sleep.

We give the Helix Sunset mattress a 5/5 for noise performance.


Good sex performance in a mattress is evaluated by various factors, such as noise, edge support, responsiveness, and bounce levels. Couples will mainly benefit from this aspect as it will enhance their intimate moments.

Helix Sunset mattress

The Helix Sunset has great bounce levels as a result of its quick response time, it has great motion transferability which will allow partners to easily move around the surface of the mattress without feeling stuck or restricted.

In terms of edge support, we previously tested the Helix Sunset and concluded that it has exceptional edge support which gives couples a feeling of security while using the sides of the bed and gives the mattress an overall sturdy construction.

Finally, for noise performance, the Helix Sunset will face no issues regarding any noises or squeaks produced by the mattress during the movement of you or your partner.

The Helix Sunset mattress rates a 4.5/5 for sex performance.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is essential for people who deal with chronic pain or just general discomfort during their sleep. The Helix Sunset mattress has good pressure relief which refers to its ability to distribute the body evenly across the mattress, preventing any pressure points from forming.

Our pressure relief test is conducted by using a pressure mapping system to measure the pressure levels throughout the body while lying on the bed.

The pressure map below demonstrates the results we collected.

Helix Sunset pressure map

  • Hip Region: The pressure in the hips region displayed a blue consistent color which refers to very minimal levels of pressure. This means that the Helix Sunset is doing a great job at reducing pressure points in the hip area which makes for a great feature for side sleepers.
  • Back Region: On the pressure map, the green and yellow colors were shown regarding the back area which tells us the moderate levels of pressure. This indicates a normal level of pressure relief for the back region which will suffice for most average-weight back sleepers.
  • Shoulders Region: The shoulders area showed great results, as only blue colors were displayed on the pressure map. This is an indicator of great pressure relief in this area.

Overall, we believe the Helix Sunset mattress scored a 4.8/5 on our pressure relief test.

Helix Warranty and Company Policies


Helix offers a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects in your Helix Sunset mattress. These defects include flaws in the materials, foam splits, and other defects that you can check out on their website.


Helix provides customers with a 100-night sleep trial that allows them to test out their mattress before deciding on keeping it or not. We suggest giving your Helix Sunset mattress a minimum of 20 days to fully adjust to it before making your final decision.


If you come to the conclusion that the Helix Sunset is not the right bed for you, you can simply request a return of your mattress, and customer service will issue a refund for you.


Shipping is available for free in the United States with Helix mattresses. Your mattress will ship compressed in a box and you can track the shipping time of your order on their website.


The prices and variety of sizes are shown in the table below. Prices are before discounts, so make sure to check out their website.

Twin38″ x 75″ x 11.5″$936
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 11.5″$1,061
Full54″ x 75″ x 11.5″$1,248
Queen60″ x 80″ x 11.5″$1,332
King76″ x 80″ x 11.5″$1,748
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 11.5″$1,748

The Helix Sunset’s prices listed fall within the average price range of mattresses in the market. With its innovative design and the great features and materials that it has to offer, we believe it to be worth its cost, and that it’ll ensure a better sleep experience for most people.

Policies Overview

Warranty10-Year Warranty Mattress
Trial100-Nights Free Trial
Return PolicyFree Returns
ShippingFree Shipping in Canada and the United States
Financing OptionsZero Interest - Via Affirm
Country of OriginMade in the United States

FAQs about Helix Sunset Mattress

Is the Helix Sunset mattress too soft?

The Helix Sunset mattress is renowned for being Helix’s softest mattress. This makes it a great mattress for those who sleep on their side for great pressure relief. However, it can be too soft for stomach sleepers as it will not be firm or supportive enough.

What is the difference between Helix sunset and moonlight?

Both mattresses are known to be soft and comfortable. However, the Sunset mattress has better responsiveness and gives higher bounce levels. If you prefer the sinkage that usually comes with memory foam, the Sunset mattress is for you.

Does the Helix Sunset bed sag?

The Helix Sunset mattress’s soft firmness level may raise the question of sagging. However, the mattress comes with reinforced coils around the perimeter of the mattress which provides better edge support, enhancing the longevity and durability of the mattress.

Helix Sunset Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

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We see that the Helix Sunset is an ideal mattress choice for light and average-weight side sleepers as it will provide them with exceptional pressure relief and better sleep quality.

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Helix Sunset Mattresss

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