Hush Arctic Luxe Mattress Review

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April 10, 2023
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Expert's Note

The Hush Arctic Luxe is marketed as a very competitive option for Canadian buyers who are looking for a Premium mattress with an exceptional cooling pillowtop.

In this article, we talk about the Hush Arctic Luxe's comfort, performance, material quality, and more.

Continue reading below to know if this model from Hush Arctic Luxe is the mattress you're looking for.


Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress

The Hush Arctic Luxe is Hush's top-of-the-line hybrid mattress, and it comes equipped with Hush Iced Cooling Technology. You will take pleasure in the euphoric sensation that your body is floating on the clouds.

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100 Nights Trial
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Free shipping (Canada & United States)
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10-Years Warranty
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$800 - $1,600 (C$1,195 - C$1,950)
This mattress is a good choice for:

This bed has great motion isolation so you will not feel your partner tossing and turning at night and other great features made for couples in mind.

Pain Relief
Pain Relief

This mattress is great for back and spine pain relief.

Combination Sleepers
Combination Sleepers

Ideal for sleepers who shift position often while sleeping.

Hot Sleepers
Hot Sleepers

If you often overheat while you sleep, this mattress should help you stay cool.

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Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress

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The Hush Arctic Luxe is Hush’s premium mattress offering. Hush promises sufficient support, cushioning, comfort, and most notably, superior cooling performance with the Arctic Luxe mattress.

Needless to say, Hush definitely didn’t skimp out on design with this mattress. The Arctic Luxe features a special two-tone look.

In this review, we’ll put Hush’s Arctic Luxe to the test and see if it actually lives up to Hush’s claims.

In this review you’ll know about:

  • Short and to-the-point recommendations on when you should buy this mattress.
  • Pros and cons of the Hush Arctic Luxe.
  • Feel and comfort of the Hush Arctic Luxe.
  • Our performance test results.
  • Construction and design of the Hush Arctic Luxe.
  • All the warranty policies and FAQs you might need to know before buying this mattress.

Continue reading below to know our findings.

Consider Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress If

  • You like the comfort and responsiveness of hybrid mattresses - If you prefer the feeling of sleeping "on" the mattress rather than "inside" it, the Hybrid Arctic Luxe Mattress may be the best option for you, rather than regular foam mattresses.
  • You are a couple - Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid is ideal for couples as it has the individually wrapped coils feature that puts springs back into style and ensures that neither you nor your spouse will feel any motion from the other.
  • You like a medium-firm feel bed - it’s in the right area between not being too hard or too soft, so it should suit the majority of sleepers.
  • You like to sleep cool - it is relatively colder than other hybrid mattresses, so if you like the cool feeling of the night this hybrid mattress should be your option.
  • You are a back or front sleeper - Soft outer layers design and supportive inner layers coils Arctic Luxury. Back and front combo sleepers should like the Arctic Luxe and have a great sleeping experience.
  • You suffer from back pain issues - the Arctic Luxe Hybrid is perfect for backside sleepers due to its zoned support system, t mattress is firmer in the center and softer near the head and foot making its feedback perfect for relieving back pain.

Avoid Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress If

  • You like to sleep warm and don’t like colder hybrid mattresses - Cooling depends on body type and surrounding environment. The Arctic Luxe stays colder than a traditional hybrid mattress all night. Depending on your liking you may find this to be suitable for your needs and an amazing feature or the other way.
  • You like firmer edge support - Edge support makes hybrid mattresses popular. Sturdy sidewalls give stability for sitting. From our testing, the Arctic Luxe mattress had very decent edge support, the edges sink a bit before you can feel the instant feedback. Some people like overly firm edge support than what hybrid mattresses are known for, but hey you can always try the Arctic Luxe first as it offers a 100-days trial.

Let’s now go ahead and dive deeper into details about the firmness, inner design, feel, and comfort of the mattress.

Firmness, Feel and Comfort for Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress


Hush Arctic Luxe mattress firmness

Consumers often seek hybrid mattresses if they’re looking for the firmness aspect of a bed. Hush describes their own Arctic Luxe hybrid mattress firmness as 7.5 out of 10. And from our own testing, the mattress scored 7/10 when it comes to firmness, which is very close to what Hush claims.

This puts it in the medium-firm zone of bed mattresses, so it should be suitable for sleepers looking for a firm as well as a comfortable mattress that meets almost all their sleeping positions.

We believe the inclusion of a pillowtop in the Hush Arctic Luxe allows is to have a medium-firm firmness, but still allowing some 'give-in' for people who like to get cozy in bed (without sacrificing cooling performance).


Because of the mattress's medium-firmness rating and individually wrapped coil construction. It has a high-motion isolation feature that makes couples feel almost no motion from each other while sleeping.

Though some vibrations can be expected, Hush's motion isolation is limited by its bottom support layer of pocketed steel coils, which can flex independently, and its pillow-like top layers of foam, which absorb movement, making it more comfortable during sleeping.

Overall, the Hush Arctic Luxe provided exceptional comfort features that cater to nearly all types of sleepers. We could see, however, that comfort features were more designed with couples in mind. This is definitely an advantage if you're buying this mattress as a couple, but won't be a disadvantage if you're a single sleeper.

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress Performance

couple lying on Hush Arctic Luxe Mattress

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress For Light Sleepers (Under 130 lbs)

To test this weight category, we got Jessica's help as she fits this weight category. Jessica reported exceptional comfort and noted that the Hush Arctic Luxe had some of the best shoulder comfort and spinal alignment of any medium-firm mattress she ever tested.

The Arctic Luxe has a great pillowtop, which allows it some 'give-in' as we mentioned before. From our testing, we found that this helps with body contouring for people who are on the lighter side.

People under 130 lbs shouldn’t have any issues using the Arctic Hybrid Mattress; it will be like sleeping on a cloud, as it will be extremely comfortable as well as firm enough so that you don’t feel sinking.

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress For Average Weight Sleepers (130 lbs – 250 lbs)

I tested this weight bracket personally, as I weigh around 180 lbs. I found that the pillowtop of the Hush Arctic Luxe offers exceptional body contouring. What I found even more impressive, unlike many pillowtop mattresses, is that breathability isn't compromised at the cost of comfort.

I'm mainly a side and back sleeper, and I found that the Hush mattress fits like a (very breathable) glove in both positions.

I believe this exceptional performance is thanks to combining the well-constructed pillowtop with 5-layer construction and hybrid medium firmness, which will be just right for this body weight range.

Overall, I personally found that the Hush's mattress is a perfect fit for my weight category, and it will probably be taking some Sleepiverse awards this year for breathability and comfort.

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress For Heavy Sleepers (over 250 lbs)

Sinking will be more noticeable for people weighing more than 250 pounds. There will still be enough motion reduction and edge support, but it will be felt more for this body weight range.

Depending on your preferences, you may find this mattress to be too soft, or you may prefer firmer mattresses. But remember, you still have a 100-day trial period to use this mattress, so you can always give it a try first.

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress Mattress Pain Relief Performance

Back Pain – from our testing, we found that the Arctic Luxe Mattress is perfect for back sleepers as the pressures in the mattress’s center and the softness on the top (head area) and lower parts (feet area) of the mattress make it perfect for relieving back pain.

Shoulder Pain – more pressure can be felt from your shoulder area if you sleep on your side, that's why we'd recommend getting a mattress topper to reduce shoulder pressure if you're sleeping on your sides and your weight is less than average.

Hip Pain – The high-density coils at the center gives feedback that helps keep the hips raised, preventing lower back pain.

Motion Transfer

Hush's design is made up of a bottom support layer of pocketed steel coils that can bend on their own, and a pillow top with many layers of foam that spread out movement and reduce it. This ensures that neither you nor your spouse will feel any motion from each other.

We tested the Hush Arctic Luxe with our usual wine and roll test. We found that the mattress was able to completely isolate the motion from one side of the bed to the other. Even with a full glass, the motion didn't propagate to the glass at all while I was rolling over the bed.

We repeated the test with me rolling on the bed and Jessica being on the other side. Jessica wasn't able to tell that I was moving until I was unrealistically bouncing on the bed.

We found that this mattress is perfect for couples who need to sleep comfortably without feeling their partner's motion at all during the night.

Performance During Sex

Together, the soft, responsive foam layers and the springy coils make for a bed that feels like it's floating.

When sleeping on memory foam, you should not feel squished in like so many other people. And that's exactly what this mattress provides; you'll feel as if you're laying on a cloud, and it's extremely comfortable and responsive.

In a lot of cases, mattresses that are good with motion isolation sacrifice bounce and sex performance. However, we found that this was far from true in the case of the Hush mattress. Hush was able to achieve a combination that offers exceptional bounce performance without sacrificing motion isolation at all, as we found in our previous testing.


We found that this Hush mattress was noticeably cooler than the other hybrid mattresses we tried. With 0.75 inches of super soft polyurethane foam and gel in the upper mattress layer, it provides a soft landing, along with the coolness felt in the mattress.

When I test mattresses for cooling, we set our room temperature to a baseline we use for all our tests, and then I sleep on my back till I feel the temperature build-up. In the case of this Hush mattress, I kept waiting and waiting. One hour in the test and there was absolutely no heat build-up. We can safely report that this mattress will provide a really breathable night's sleep, even for extended periods in one sleeping position.

Edge Support

When looking for a good hybrid mattress for sleeping, we should consider edge support. It’s vital for these types of mattresses to distribute pressure from our bodies’ weight, especially with two people using the bed. Good edge support allows couples to use the bed fully without falling out of bed and allows the mattress to have a long lifespan without sinking at the edges.

In our testing of the Hush mattress, the edge support was solid, with only a slight sinkage while sitting, but the counter pressure from the foam layers was felt almost immediately.

Overall, edge support performance was more than satisfactory in our testing.

Construction and Design of Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress

showing Hush Arctic Luxe  layers


The Comfort Layer (Consists of 3 sublayers)

  1. The first layer is 0.75 inches of gel-infused Super Soft polyurethane foam. This pillow-top layer is sewn beneath the fiber fill, cushions, and cools.
  2. The second layer is 1 inch of gel memory foam. This layer "hugs" and dissipates heat, contouring.
  3. The third layer is 1 inch of polyurethane foam. This final pillow-top layer supports the two ones above.

Transition Layer

1 inch of polyurethane foam. This polyurethane layer transitions between the pillow top and the steel coils below.

Support Layer

8 inches of zonal pocketed coils. This bottom support layer helps spinal alignment with three zones. Coils flex separately, reducing motion transfer. A four-inch edge support foam surrounds this bottom layer.

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress Unboxing and Off-Gassing

dom from sleepiverse unboxing the hush mattress

What makes this Hush product more special than others is that it comes in a box. Those who enjoy the unboxing experience will be able to unbox this mattress; it feels a little heavy with the box at first, but once unrolled, you can immediately feel how lightweight it is.

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress Mattress Pricing

Twin38″ x 74″ x 13″43 lbs$1,195
Twin XL38″ x 79.5″ x 13″48 lbs$1,295
Full53″ x 74.5″ x 13″53 lbs$1,450
Queen60″ x 79.5″ x 13″78 lbs$1,650
King76″ x 79.5″ x 13″104 lbs$1,850
Cal King72″ x 83.5″ x 13″104 lbs$1,950

Hush Policies and Customer Benefits

Trial Policies

Hush offers a 100-day trial period for the Hush Luxe Arctic mattress.

Warranty & Returns

10 years of warranty with free returns.

There is an additional extra extended protection plan that offers free repairs or replacements against accidental damage from stains, rips, or tears. It has 2 tiers:

  • 3 Years - C$39.99
  • 10 Years - C$59.99

Those plans ensure that even when things go wrong, Hush will still have your back!


Free shipping is available in Canada and the United States. It takes 1-4 business days until the product gets to your doorstep.

The couriers for Hush don't need a signature to drop off packages, and they give a tracking number with the expected day and time of delivery.

Policies Overview

Trial100 Nights Free Trial!
Return PolicyFree Returns
Financing OptionsZero Interest - Via Affirm
Warranty10-Year Warranty Mattress
Country of OriginProudly made in Canada
DeliveryFree Shipping in Canada and US

Hush Arctic Luxe Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


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Motion Isolation
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Company Policies
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Pressure Relief
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Temperature Regulation


We found that the Hush Arctic Luxe Mattress is very easy to recommend, especially compared to other options in Canada. The spring coils provide solid firmness and reduce motion transfer, and the pillow tops make it feel cool and comfortable.

If you want an exceptional hybrid mattress that feels cooler than most hybrid mattresses, we believe you should go for the Hush Arctic Luxe without batting an eye.

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Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress

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