Ikea Haugsvar Mattress Review

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The Ikea Haugsvar is a great value mattress. However, if going a bit higher with the budget is an option for you, then consider going with better new alternatives to the Ikea Haugsvar Mattress.

Continue reading below to see our verdict about the IKEA HAUGSVÄR, and the better options you should consider.

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Ikea Haugsvar Mattress

Ikea Haugsvar is a mattress with individually wrapped pocket springs that conform to your motions and a substantial layer of comfortable foam, providing the perfect mix.

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Pocket Coils + Foam
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365 Nights
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10 Years
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This mattress is a good choice for:
Back Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight back sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

Ideal for sleepers who shift position often while sleeping.

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Minocasa Hybrid Mattress

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Ikea Haugsvar Mattress

Ikea is one of the top retailers of home furnishings in the world. Given that they produce goods for almost every room in your house, their mattress line shouldn't come as a surprise. The Haugsvar is a mattress from Ikea that features a hybrid design. It uses high-resilience foam, which reduces pressure and improves circulation.

The Ikea Haugsvar is a great budget mattress with reasonable construction quality and features for the price. If you're on a tight budget, we think the Haugsvar mattress is a relatively good option. Despite that, we think there are better budget alternatives available for the same (sometimes lower) price, such as the Mino Hybrid as we discuss below.

However, if treating yourself with a higher-budget mattress is an option (we think it's well worth it), then going for one of the recommendations we discuss below is well worth the price difference.

Consider Ikea Haugsvar Mattress if

  • You enjoy the responsive feel of hybrid mattresses - You'll enjoy a blend of foam's contouring softness and coils' supporting lift with the Haugsvar mattress.
  • You're hesitant about your firmness level preference - Haugsvar is available in three firmness levels and four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. You can select from hard, medium-firm, or plush depending on how comfortable you want to be.
  • You're on a tight budget - The Haugsvar mattress is incredibly inexpensive for a hybrid bed. Compared to most other hybrid mattresses, a Queen-size mattress costs $399. However, we think the Mino Hybrid is a better deal if that's the maximum budget you have.

Avoid the Ikea Haugsvar Mattress if

  • You prefer memory foam mattresses - This hybrid mattress includes a coil foundation. If you like the way foam feels, then consider something like the Puffy mattress.
  • You value delivery and installation - The Haugsvar is simple to put together using Ikea's self-assembly method. It comes wrapped and compacted, so you must assemble it yourself. Consider other brands that offer this service if you would rather have someone else deliver and set up your mattresses.
  • You care about your health and willing to invest in a proper mattress - This is not the mattress for folks who require additional features. Haugsvar offers a simple construction for a reasonable price. If you're looking to actually invest in better spinal and back health, consider our recommended alternatives we discuss below.


  • 365 nights trial period.
  • Compact packaging & easy to unbox - However this is not exclusive to the Ikea Haugsvar.
  • Good value for the money - Not as good as the Mino Hybrid, though.


  • Can release an off-putting smell for some time after being unboxed.
  • Low-quality construction.
  • Not designed well for spinal alignment and back health.
  • Better alternatives for healthier sleep (but at higher price ranges).

Firmness, Feel & Comfort for Ikea Haugsvar Mattress

person touching ikea haugsvar mattress

The Haugsvar mattress comes in three different comfort levels.

The firm model receives an overall stiffness score of roughly 8/10. For stomach or back sleepers who need a firm surface, it is a perfect solution.

The medium-firm option receives a firmness rating of 6.5/10. For back and combo sleepers, it offers support with a little more give than the hard model.

The firmness scale rates the plush model at about a 5/10. For side sleepers, cushioning for the shoulders and hips is ideal.

Trying out different options until you find the one that works best for your sleeping position is the most important thing to do when selecting a comfort level for your Haugsvar mattress. A cheap mattress like the Haugsvar won't provide much relief if you sleep in a position that isn't ideal for the selected firmness. Such comfort is only available by investing in a better high-end mattress.

We found that even going with a plush model and sleeping on our back, for example, it's not too uncomfortable and is easily passable for an average quality of night's sleep. However, some luxury mattresses like the Layla Hybrid blow the Haugsvar out of the water when you compare them.

With that being said, try to choose a comfort level that represents your most common sleeping position.

Construction and Design for Ikea Haugsvar Mattress

Ikea Haugsvar Mattress Construction Materials

  • The height of the Haugsvar is 11 inches.
  • Cotton, polyester, and rayon were used to create this breathable cover.
  • For a comfortable sleeping experience, the first layer's polyfoam offers great pressure-relieving properties.
  • Individually wrapped pocket springs in the second layer of the Haugsvar mattress offer firm support and lift for improved spinal alignment.
  • A small layer of polyfoam makes up the bottom layer, which adds stability and comfort.

Support & Motion Isolation for Ikea Haugsvar Mattress

Ikea Haugsvar Mattress Sides

The Haugsvar is a hybrid mattress that has fair motion isolation performance. In addition to the response coils being individually wrapped to insulate movements, the top foam layer absorbs the motion.

These coils move independently of one another, unlike a conventional spring system. Not all movements on one side are immediately perceived on the other.

However, because of the coil base, you can feel some bounce. On the other hand, luxury mattresses do not suffer from this drawback.

Returns & Warranty

Ikea is usually a little vague with its return policies. For returns, we recommend contacting them as they treat returns on a per-customer case.

However, Ikea offers a 10 Year limited warranty on the Ikea Haugsvar Mattress.

Reason(s) To Buy Ikea Haugsvar Mattress

There are no compelling arguments to purchase a mattress from Ikea, except the extremely budget-friendly price. But recently, there are now much better budget options like the Minocasa Mino Hybrid, which offer a much quality than the Ikea Haugsvar, while being at the same price range.

However, we always recommend investing in your health and going for a good tried-and-tested top-tier mattress that will last you a while and improve your back health.

Consideration should be given to well-known yet reputable brands like Layla or the more budget-friendly Minocasa. Both companies are American-made, have received overwhelmingly positive ratings, and are both really comfy and long-lasting.

Reason(s) To Avoid Ikea Haugsvar Mattress

  • There are foam layers included. When it grows, there will be some initial off-gassing. If you have a problem with this, pick one of Ikea's spring models.
  • You would rather go for a pricier and better mattress, such as Layla or Amerisleep, which are much better alternatives with better coils, foam, construction, and well-thought design.
  • Your back and sleep health is priceless, that's why we always recommend avoiding cheap construction mattresses and going for a high-quality one-time investment mattress. Especially that luxury brands offer 0-risk policies, so you can get a luxury mattress and test it to make sure you'll know it's worth it for yourself easily.

What Are Better Alternatives to the Ikea Haugsvar Mattress (in 2023)?

These 3 mattresses (in 2023) are some of the best you can buy if you care about your health, your wallet, and your sleep:

  1. Mino Hybrid Mattress - The Ultimate Budget Mattress. Even cheaper than the Ikea Haugsvar Mattress, and a huge upgrade in quality & comfort over the Haugsvar.
  2. Amerisleep AS2 - The Best Mix of Value and Luxury. Beautiful, breathable, and ultra high-tech features. Balances between true luxury features and unbeatable value.
  3. Layla Hybrid Mattress - Best Hybrid Mattress of 2023. If you're looking for a responsive hybrid mattress rather than memory foam, this is the one. (Read our review of the Layla Hybrid here)

Read our short, well-researched 10 Best Mattresses of 2023, here.

We did the homework so you can buy the perfect mattress without any hassle.

Ikea Haugsvar Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

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Although the Ikea Haugsvar Mattress has some advantages, especially the extremely low price point.

We recommend not cheaping out on your mattress and spine health; Thus, we think there are better alternatives that would be worth your money, especially in terms of construction quality, features, and customer protection 0-risk purchase policies.

This means you can get a proper luxury mattress and return it after testing it for yourself and not being convinced that it's worth the price. However, we know that once you try a proper luxury mattress, you'll never go back to cheap mattresses.

Here are our takeaways:

  • If you want a more expensive, but better value option, get the Amerisleep AS2 (much better materials quality and comfort at a great price).
  • If you're looking for the ultimate budget mattress that's even cheaper than the Ikea Sultan, get the Mino Hybrid. (not as good as the previous option, but after testing nearly every budget mattress imaginable, it's the best mattress within this price range).
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Minocasa Hybrid Mattress

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