Octave Vista Mattress Review

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Octave Vista Mattress

Octave Vista is one of Octave’s most comfortable mattresses. Using a total of 12-inch layers of innovative design with 3 specialty foam layers, it was dubbed “Canada’s most innovative mattress”. It uses a combination of natural materials like organic cotton, wool, and latex with recycled materials like steel and polyester to give you a good night’s sleep that is as sustainable as it is comfortable.

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This mattress is a good choice for:
Back Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight back sleepers.


Offers excellent motion isolation and other features with couples in mind.

Pain Relief

Ideal for people looking for back and spine pain relief.

Hot Sleepers

Ideal for hot sleepers who would like to stay cool at night.

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Octave Vista Mattress

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Octave is a Canadian online mattress company that offers a large range of mattresses suited to different preferences and budgets. Founded in 2019, Octave quickly became one of the top mattress brands online in Canada. Octave mattresses are made with high-quality materials and offer features that make them a great choice for all types of sleepers. They offer three models: the Octave Vista, the Octave Mirage, and the Octave Horizon.

The Octave Vista is an innovative mattress that is made with high-quality materials. It is handcrafted in Canada with CertiPUR-US-certified foams and fabrics tested by OEKO-TEX. These materials make it uniquely better than the other previous mattresses because they are safe, durable, and comfortable.

Octave Vista mattress

In this review, we will test the Octave Vista mattress, specifically regarding:

  • Pros and cons.
  • Unboxing experience.
  • Feel and comfort.
  • Construction and design.
  • Performance test results.
  • Warranty policies, company policies, and all the FAQs you might want to know.

Octave Vista Overview


  • Made with eco-friendly materials: Octave Vista is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX-certified wool, Eco-Institut, and GOLS-certified latex, recycled steel coils, and recycled plastic polyester. These materials benefit the environment and your health.
  • Temperature Regulation: The CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres layer in the Octave Vista helps wick away moisture and regulate body temperature. The CopperGel™ Memory Foam + PolarMAX® layer acts as a natural conductor and anti-microbial agent, and pulls excess heat away from the body.
  • Warranty: The Octave Vista mattress comes with a 15-year warranty that covers all defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Luxurious: The Octave Vista mattress is considered luxurious because it is made with high-quality materials, is comfortable for all body types and sleeping positions, uses cooling technology, and comes with a 15-year warranty.
  • Value: The Octave Vista is considered a value because it is made with high-quality materials and offers a number of features that make it a comfortable mattress.


  • Durability: The Octave Vista mattress is a foam mattress, which means it may lose its shape and support over time, especially for heavy sleepers.

Who do we Recommend the Octave Vista for

  • Couples: The Octave Vista mattress isolates motion and supports the edges well, so you and your partner can sleep soundly without disturbing each other's movements.
  • People who want a comfortable mattress: The Octave Vista is made with high-quality materials and offers a number of features that make it a comfortable mattress. It has a medium-firm feel that suits most sleepers.
  • People who want a luxury feel on a budget: Octave Vista provides a luxurious sleep experience with its three layers of copper gel-infused memory foam, premium Elastex® foam, and multi-zone support foam.

Unboxing the Octave Vista

Setting up a new mattress can be a hassle, but the Octave Vista mattress is easy to set up. The mattress arrives compressed and rolled in a box that is easy to carry and maneuver. The box is made of recycled cardboard, and the mattress itself is wrapped in two layers of heavy-duty recycled plastic to ensure the mattress is well protected.

Once the mattress is out of the box, carefully unroll it onto your bed frame and cut the plastic wrapping. The mattress will quickly expand to its full size of 12 inches in a matter of minutes and be ready to sleep on the same day. The edges also expanded almost instantly, indicating great corner expansion. All in all, it should take about 15 minutes to unpack and set up the mattress.

One of the best things about the Octave Vista mattress is that it does not have a strong chemical odor. This is a common complaint with other bed-in-a-box mattresses, but the Octave Vista mattress is different. The mattress has a slight, non-irritating odor that dissipates within a few hours with some ventilation. This makes the unboxing experience much more pleasant.

Firmness, Feel, and Comfort For Octave Vista

Octave Vista Firmness

The Octave Vista mattress is claimed to be the most innovative mattress that is on the firmer side of the firmness spectrum. We rate it a 6 on our firmness scale, which means it is a medium-firm mattress. This makes it a good choice for people who prefer a supportive mattress.

Octave Vista firmness scale

The firmness of a mattress can vary depending on a person's weight and sleeping position. What feels firm to one person may feel soft to another. Therefore, the Octave Vista mattress can feel between 5 and 7 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, depending on the individual.

Octave Vista Feel

When we first laid down on the Octave Vista mattress, we immediately felt the cooling nanofiber-infused cover. The cover feels cool to the touch, soft and smooth, like sleeping on a cloud. We could feel the conforming copper gel memory foam top layer conforming to our body shape, providing pressure relief for our joints and muscles. The copper gel has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit our health.

As we continued to lie on the Octave Vista mattress, we noticed it has a fast material response time, meaning it bounces back quickly after we change positions or get up from the bed. This made it easy to move around and prevented us from feeling stuck on the mattress. We also have a supportive foam base layer, providing stability and durability. This base layer also had ventilation channels that allowed air to flow throughout the mattress and helped regulate temperature.

Octave Vista Comfort

The Octave Vista mattress is designed to provide comfort and pressure relief for all sleeping positions and body weights. The copper gel memory foam top layer conforms to your body shape and weight, while the supportive foam base layer keeps your spine aligned and prevents sagging. The mattress also features cooling technology, which helps keep you cool and comfortable.

We put the Octave Vista mattress to the test in a variety of sleeping positions, and we were impressed with its performance. Our reviewers, who have different weights and sleep in different positions, found the mattress to be comfortable.

Here is some specific feedback from our reviewers:

  • Side sleeper (120 lbs): “I like the way the Octave Vista mattress hugs my curves and relieves pressure on my shoulders and hips. I sleep well on this mattress and don’t feel any pain or stiffness in the morning. The Octave Vista mattress is comfortable and supportive for me as a side sleeper.
  • Back sleeper (230 lbs): "I found the Octave Vista mattress to be a bit too soft for my personal preference. I prefer a firmer mattress that would provide more support for my back and spine. However, I can see how this mattress could be a good fit for people who prefer a softer mattress or who are lighter in weight."
  • Stomach sleeper (160 lbs): “I enjoy sleeping on the Octave Vista mattress, but I wish it was a bit firmer. I feel like it supports my lower back and abdomen well, but I sometimes feel like I sink into the mattress too much, which can cause my lower back to ache slightly in the morning. Overall, I would still recommend this mattress to stomach sleepers, but it's definitely important to consider your firmness preferences before purchasing.”
Sleeper WeightBack SleepersSide SleepersStomach Sleepers
Lightweight (Under 150 lb)ExcellentExcellentVery Good
Average (150 – 250 lb)Very GoodExcellentGood
Above Average (Over 250 lb)Very GoodVery GoodGood

Constructions, Materials, and Design

Materials and Design

The Octave Vista mattress is a 12-inch foam mattress that is part of the Octave mattress line's lowest tier.

Octave Vista mattress

The Octave Vista mattress has four foam layers and a CryoFusionTM cooling nanofibre cover. The cover is designed to keep the mattress cool and comfortable, and it has a zippered design that makes it easy to remove and wash.


Here's what inside the Octave Vista:

Octave Vista layers

  1. CryoFusion™ Cooling Nanofibre Cover: As soon as you lie down, you will feel instantly refreshed. The Octave Vista's top cover is woven with proprietary CryoFusionTM cooling nanofibres. This cool sleep surface gets and stays cool, redefining nighttime comfort.
  2. CopperGel™ memory foam + PolarMAX®: The top layer of the mattress is 2 inches thick. It is made of memory foam, which conforms to your body's shape and weight, providing pressure relief and relaxation. The memory foam is also infused with copper gel, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that might benefit your health. The copper gel also helps the body absorb heat and moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable. PolarMAX® phase-change infusion is also integrated into the memory foam, which aids in temperature regulation and prevents overheating.
  3. Premium Elastex® foam: The second layer of the mattress is 2 inches thick. It is made of Elastex® foam, a type of foam that mimics the feel and bounce of natural latex. This layer protects and cushions your shoulders, back, and hips. It also facilitates the transition from the softer top layer to the harder foundation layer.
  4. 8” Multi-Zone Support Foam with Air Channels: This is the 8-inch-thick base layer of the mattress. It is made of high-density foam, which provides stability and durability to the mattress. The base layer also has ventilation channels, which allow air to circulate throughout the mattress and help regulate temperature. In addition, the base layer has five pressure-relief zones to support your entire body and align your spine.

Performance of Octave Vista


The Octave Vista mattress has excellent cooling performance. The cooling nanofiber mattress cover keeps the mattress cool to the touch. The copper gel memory foam layer also helps to remove heat and moisture from your body, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Airflow and heat dissipation are also aided by the ventilation channels in the base layer.

We tested the cooling performance of the Octave Vista mattress for 20 minutes to see how well it kept us cool.

We discovered that the Octave Vista mattress did a good job of keeping us cool during our cooling performance test. For the first few minutes, we felt the cool, smooth fabric of the cover against our skin. We felt the memory foam layer conform to our bodies as we slept, which may trap some heat for heavier sleepers. We did not, however, discover any hot spots or areas of discomfort. We felt at ease and relaxed after 20 minutes.

Overall, we think the Octave Vista mattress is a great option for people who sleep hot or live in hot climates. As a result, we gave it a 4.3/5 for cooling performance.


The Octave Vista mattress is a foam mattress that is responsive and adaptable. The copper gel memory foam layer conforms to the shape and weight of your body, providing pressure relief and comfort. The supportive foam layer gives your spine and joints stability and support.

A reviewer pushing Octave Vista mattress

We tested the Octave Vista mattress's responsiveness by placing a 20-pound ball on it and waiting a few seconds for it to sink in. We timed how long it took the mattress to fully recover its shape after we removed the ball.

The mattress recovered completely in about 1.2 seconds, which is fast for a foam mattress. This means that the mattress responds to your movements without being too slow or too bouncy.

We gave the Octave Vista mattress a 3.5/5 for responsiveness.

Motion Isolation

The Octave Vista mattress is designed to be highly motion-isolating. This is due to the memory foam layer of the mattress, which absorbs movement and reduces motion transfer.

We conducted two tests to evaluate the motion isolation performance of the Octave Vista mattress. In the first test, a glass of water was placed on one side of the mattress and a 20-pound ball was dropped on the other. The water moved almost imperceptibly, indicating that the mattress effectively isolates motion.

In the second test, one of our testers slept on one side of the mattress while the other tossed and turned on the other. The first reviewer stated that they were not bothered by their partner's movements, confirming that the mattress effectively prevents motion transfer.

Overall, we thought the Octave Vista mattress was an excellent choice for people who share a bed with a partner or a pet. As a result, we rated it 4.9/5 for motion isolation.

Edge Support

The edge support on the Octave Vista mattress is average, which may be insufficient for some people. The foam layers of the mattress compress easily, causing it to sag and feel unstable at the edges. The mattress's 12-inch height, on the other hand, will provide slightly better edge support than other foam mattresses.

To evaluate the edge support of the Octave Vista mattress, we applied firm pressure to the mattress's edges and measured how much the mattress compressed. The mattress had compressed significantly, and the layers provided little counterpressure. When we let go of the edges, they did not return to their original shape right away, indicating that they are prone to wear and tear.

When we sat on the mattress's edges, we noticed our weight sinking slightly, causing the mattress to dip. Most people will not be bothered by this, but those weighing more than 250 pounds or sitting or sleeping on the edge of the bed may be.

The Octave Vista mattress has average edge support overall, but it may be insufficient for some people. In terms of edge support, we gave it a 3.2/5.


The Octave Vista mattress's goal is to reduce noise transfer and make it quiet. Because it is entirely made of foam, it does not creak because it absorbs movement. The foam layers adapt to the body and reduce vibrations, in addition to helping to reduce noise.

We noise-tested the mattress by placing a 20-pound ball on it and listening for any noises or squeaks. We didn't hear anything except the typical thud of a drop on any surface. As a result, even when you move around on the Octave Vista mattress, it is extremely quiet.

For noise isolation, we gave the Octave Vista mattress 5/5.


A mattress for good sex performance should have good bounce, cooling, edge support, and be quiet.

The Octave Vista mattress provides both comfort and responsiveness. The copper gel memory foam layer keeps couples from sliding around, and the supportive foam layer gives some couples some bounce. Couples can use the bed freely because the edge support is sufficient. The medium-firm feel of the mattress, on the other hand, may cause some couples to feel too much resistance during sex, limiting movement.

Overall, we believe the Octave Vista mattress is a good sex mattress and rate it 4/5 for sex performance.

Pressure Relief

The Octave Vista mattress is designed to relieve pressure points on the body. The top layer of copper gel memory foam is responsive and adaptive, allowing it to conform to the body and evenly distribute weight. The foam layers beneath the memory foam provide support and keep the sleeper from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

We used a pressure mapping system to measure the amount of pressure on various parts of the body while lying on the mattress in our pressure relief test. The Octave Vista mattress provided excellent pressure relief in all areas of the body, according to the test results.

The pressure map below presents the pressure relief test results.

Octave Vista pressure map

The Octave Vista mattress's pressure map reveals that it provided excellent pressure relief in the shoulders, hips, and lower back. This is due to the mattress's medium-firm feel, which aids in the balance of comfort and support. As a result, the Octave Vista mattress is an excellent choice for back and stomach sleepers of all sizes.

The Octave Vista mattress may not be the best choice for lighter-side sleepers. This is due to the mattress being less soft and plush than other mattresses, and side sleepers putting more weight on their shoulders and hips. As a result, lighter-side sleepers on the Octave Vista mattress may experience slight pressure points and discomfort.

Overall, the Octave Vista mattress relieves pressure in most areas of the body. It may not, however, be the best option for light sleepers. As a result, we rated this mattress 4.9/5 for pressure relief.

Octave Vista Warranty and Company Policies


Octave backs the Octave Vista mattress with a 15-year warranty that covers all defects in materials and workmanship. If your mattress develops a defect during the warranty period, Octave will repair or replace it for free.

The warranty does not cover problems or issues that result from normal wear and tear or improper use. This includes stains, tears, burns, and discoloration that occur over time and/or are caused by you. It also includes indents, sagging, or body indentations less than 1.5 inches deep.


Octave Vista offers a 365-night sleep trial on its mattresses, which means you can try it out for up to 365 nights and return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied. However, it is recommended that you give your body at least 2 weeks to adjust to your new Octave Vista mattress before making a decision about whether you are satisfied with it.


Octave Vista offers a 365-night sleep trial, which means that you can try out your mattress for 365 nights and return it for free if you are not satisfied. To return your mattress, you must contact Octave customer service, and they will arrange for a free pickup.


Octave offers free shipping on all orders of the Octave Vista mattress, including returns. Octave currently ships to Canada. International shipping is not available at this time.

Shipping typically takes 1-7 days, but it may take longer depending on your location.


The Octave Vista mattress is available in a variety of sizes. These prices are before any discounts, and Octave often offers generous discounts on their mattresses. You can check the company's website for the latest discounts.

Twin38″ x 75″ x 12″C$599
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 12″C$649
Full/Double53″ x 75″ x 12″C$799
Queen60″ x 80″ x 12″C$899
King76″ x 80″ x 12″C$1,199
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 12″C$1,199
Split King38″ x 80″ x 12″ x2C$1,298

Octave Vista sizes

The Octave Vista mattress is a high-quality mattress that provides comfort and support for everyone. It is made with premium materials, has innovative foam construction, and features cooling technology. The Octave Vista is the base mattress Octave offers, for those who want the best possible sleep on a budget.

We gave the Octave Vista mattress a perfect score of 5/5 for value.

Policies Overview

Warranty15-year Warranty Mattress
Trial365-Nights Free Trial
Return PolicyFree Returns
ShippingFree Shipping in Canada
Country of OriginProudly made in Canada

FAQs about the Octave Vista mattress

When will my Octave Vista mattress arrive?

All the mattresses are made to order. This means you're guaranteed to receive a fresh new mattress and not one that's been sitting and slowly deteriorating in a warehouse for months.

The mattress arrives between 1 to 7 days at maximum.

How does the 365-night sleep trial work?

The 365-night home sleep trial allows you to try your mattress or select a sleep product for 365 nights to ensure your satisfaction. Octave asks that customers sleep on their mattresses for a minimum of 21 nights before initiating a return.

What kind of base do I need? Do I even need one?

The Octave Vista mattress is compatible with platform beds, box foundations, slatted bases, and non-medical adjustable bed frames. If you don't have a compatible base, you can place the mattress directly on the floor, but avoid placing it on a concrete floor.

What materials are used in the mattresses?

Octave mattresses are made with next-generation foams and fabrics for a comfortable and supportive night's sleep. The machine-washable CryoFusion™ cover keeps you cool and comfortable, while the CopperGel™ memory foam and PolarMAX® phase-change material provide pressure relief, support, and temperature regulation.

What are the differences between the Octave mattresses?

MattressNumber of layersThicknessFeel
Octave Vista412"Balanced medium-firm
Octave Mirage513"Optimal comfort and cooling technology
Octave Horizon614"The ultimate version of the Octave mattress

Octave Vista Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

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The Octave Vista mattress is Octave's most affordable option. It is constructed of two layers of foam and a cooling nanofibre cover and is intended to provide good cooling performance, excellent pressure relief, and motion isolation.

We recommend the Octave Vista mattress if you value comfort, support, and value for money.

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Octave Vista Mattress

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