Purple RejuvenatePremier Mattress Review

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Purple RejuvenatePremier Mattress

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is a deluxe, state-of-the-art mattress that offers unrivaled comfort, support, pressure relief, and cooling. It is made with a combination of Purple's proprietary GelFlex Grid Plus, Talalay latex, and comfort foam, and it features five zone coils and a cooling cover.

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Offers excellent motion isolation and other features with couples in mind.

Back Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight back sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

Ideal for sleepers who shift position often while sleeping.

Side Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight side sleepers.

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Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight stomach sleepers.

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Purple has been a major player in the online mattress industry since launching in 2015. The company's mattresses are known for the GelFlex Grid, a proprietary comfort layer that offers the same contouring as foam without absorbing or trapping much heat.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is one of the most recent additions to Purple's mattress lineup.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier pairs the GelFlex Grid with a robust pocketed coil system for a design that is both adaptive and supportive. The RejuvenatePremier is also thicker and softer than the standard Rejuvenate mattress, making it a good choice for people who prefer a more plush feel.

In this review, we will test the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress, specifically regarding:

  • Pros and cons.
  • Unboxing experience.
  • Feel and comfort.
  • Construction and design.
  • Performance test results.
  • Warranty policies, company policies, and all the FAQs you might want to know.

Purple RejuvenatePremier Overview


  • Luxury: The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is made with a luxurious blend of materials that provide the ultimate comfort and support. We will discuss these materials in more detail in our review.
  • Adapts to your body: The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress uses GelFlex® Grid technology that instantly adapts to your body shape and movements.
  • Temperature regulation: The mattress has a cover with Cooling Fibers that dissipate heat, and the dual layers of GelFlex® Grid work together with enhanced breathable layers of foam to allow excess heat to escape through the mattress.
  • Relieves pressure points: The mattress has highly adaptive Active Response Comfort Foam and Talalay Latex that combine with luxurious layers of foam to adapt to pressure points like your hips and shoulders.


  • Expensive: The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is definitely more expensive than some other mattresses on the market. However, it is important to note that the mattress is made with premium, high-quality materials and provides a unique sleep experience that some people find very comfortable.

Who we Recommend the Purple RejuvenatePremier for

  • Heavyweight Sleepers: The Purple RejuvenatePremier is a very supportive mattress that can handle the weight of even the heaviest sleepers. The mattress is made with a combination of high-density foam and Purple's proprietary GelFlex Grid, which provides a comfortable and pressure-relieving sleep surface.
  • High-end, luxury shoppers: The Purple RejuvenatePremier is a high-end mattress that is made with premium materials. The mattress is also very comfortable and supportive, making it a good choice for those who are looking for a luxurious sleep experience.
  • People with body pain: The Purple RejuvenatePremier can be a good choice if you suffer from body pain while sleeping. The mattress's supportive properties can help relieve pressure points and improve spinal alignment, which can lead to reduced pain.

Unboxing the Purple RejuvenatePremier

Purple knows that the unboxing experience is a big part of the customer journey, so they make sure it's smooth, unique, hassle-free, and up to premium standards.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier and other mattresses in the Purple Luxe Collection are not shipped compressed and rolled like most Purple mattresses. This is because the materials used in these mattresses are too heavy and dense to be compressed without damaging them. Instead, they are shipped flat-box.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier weighs between 131 and 262 pounds, so it is not something that most people can lift by themselves. However, Purple offers a free white glove delivery service that will handle setting up the mattress for you. This means that they will bring the mattress to your home, remove it from the box, and put it on your bed for you.

Since the mattress is already fully expanded, you can sleep on it as soon as it is on your bed. The mattress arrived in great condition, and all corners were full and expanded. There were no indentations or signs of damage.

Flat-box shipped mattresses have a reputation for being less prone to off-gassing than traditional bed-in-a-box mattresses. This is because they are not compressed during shipping, which means that they do not release as many volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a result, the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress does not have a strong chemical odor. Instead, it has a faint, new-product smell that dissipates within a few hours.

The Purple mattress is made with 100% non-toxic materials and CertiPUR-US-certified high-density polyurethane foam. This means that it is free of harmful chemicals and meets strict environmental standards. In fact, Intertek has awarded Purple the VOC CleanAir Gold Certification, which means that all Purple products have passed all testing on minimal chemical off-gassing.

Firmness, Feel, and Comfort For Purple RejuvenatePremier

Purple RejuvenatePremier Firmness

The firmness of a mattress is a personal preference, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some people prefer a soft mattress, while others prefer a firm mattress.

Purple RejuvenatePremier firmness scale

The Purple RejuvenatePremier has a medium feel, which is a good balance for people who want some support but still want a comfortable mattress. It has a rating of 5.5 according to our scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

This means that it is not too soft or too firm, and it should be a good fit for a variety of sleepers.

Despite being softer than some mattresses, the Purple RejuvenatePremier still provides exceptional support. This is because the GelFlex Grid is able to distribute weight evenly, which helps prevent pressure points. The grid is also very durable, so it can withstand years of use.

Purple RejuvenatePremier Feel

The Purple RejuvenatePremier has a soft, plush, and luxurious quilted cover that feels like sleeping on clouds. The cover has a unique knit design that adds a touch of sophistication and is both comfortable and stylish.

This mattress has two layers of GelFlex® Grid. This unique material was unlike anything we had ever felt before. It didn't have the same "sink-in" feeling as traditional foam or memory foam, and it took us a few minutes to get used to it.

However, once we did, we found that the Purple RejuvenatePremier was incredibly comfortable. It provided the perfect balance of cushioning and support, and we could feel the pressure points in our backs and shoulders being relieved.

In addition to the GelFlex® Grid, the Responsive Coils provide the perfect amount of bounciness and support, and they help to keep the mattress cool.

Purple RejuvenatePremier Comfort

There is no doubt that a luxury mattress will offer premium comfort. However, we wanted to test it for ourselves. So, we tested the Purple RejuvenatePremier with our reviewers, who have different sleeping styles.

RejuvenatePremier mattress

As expected, our reviewers reported that the mattress felt luxuriously comfortable in all sleeping positions, especially side and back sleeping.

Even our heavyweight reviewers found the mattress to be comfortable and supportive. However, if you're a stomach sleeper who weighs more than 250 pounds, you might sink in a bit more than you'd like, but still not uncomfortably, thanks to its unique construction.

We'll discuss this further in our pressure relief testing section.

Below is a table that summarizes our findings:

Sleeper WeightBack SleepersSide SleepersStomach Sleepers
Lightweight (Under 150 lb)ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Average (150 – 250 lb)ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Above Average (Over 250 lb)ExcellentVery GoodVery Good

Constructions, Materials, and Design

Materials and Design

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is a high-quality, supportive, and cooling mattress that is made with premium materials. It has an 18.5" total mattress height, one of the highest mattresses we have reviewed.

touching the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress

The mattress features a quilted comfort cover with cooling properties, two GelFlex® Grid Plus layers that instantly respond to support your body as you move, four comfort foam layers that enhance cradling support, and a 5-Zone Coil Core that provides targeted full-body support.

The mattress has a gray, pillowy top with purple sides, which perfectly matches the brand's name.


Purple RejuvenatePremier layers

  1. Quilted Comfort Cover - This layer is a blend of viscose, polyester, and lycra with a cooling finish that helps to keep the mattress cool and comfortable. It is also antimicrobial, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.
  2. Adaptive Response Comfort Foam Layer - This layer is made with active response comfort foam, a responsive and supportive foam that cradles joints and relieves pressure.
  3. Talalay Latex Layer - This layer is made with Talalay latex, a type of natural latex that is known for its conforming comfort, heat-regulating properties, and responsive bounce.
  4. Two GelFlex® Grid Plus Layers - The GelFlex® Grid Plus layers are made with a unique material that responds to your body's movements, providing support and comfort. The column structure of the layers draws heat away, making for a more comfortable sleep. GelFlex Grid instantly adapts to your body's position, so you can move freely without interruption.
  5. Dual Comfort Foam Layers - This layer is made with ultra-comfort foam, a soft and plush type of foam that conforms to your body to reduce morning body aches.
  6. Edge Support Foam Layer - The edge support layer is designed to provide additional support around the edges of the mattress, making it easier to get in and out of bed.
  7. 5-Zone Coil Core - An 8-inch 5-zone coil core layer is designed to provide targeted support for different parts of the body, as well as cooling and a slight bounce.
  8. Edge Support System - This layer acts as a foundation for the other layers of the mattress, providing support and durability, especially around the edges.

Performance of Purple RejuvenatePremier


Overheating is a common problem that can disrupt sleep and lead to tossing and turning throughout the night.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is designed to help you sleep cool and comfortably, thanks to its cooling cover, proprietary temperature-neutral material, and edge-to-edge Responsive Coil System.

To test the cooling performance of the Purple RejuvenatePremier, we conducted our standard 20-minute heat buildup test.

During the test, we experienced no noticeable heat buildup, indicating that the mattress is effective at regulating temperature.

The cooling cover creates a wonderfully cool surface that helps to draw away excess heat, while the GelFlex Grid material further promotes airflow and breathability.

The Responsive Coil System also helps to ensure that you stay cool throughout the night by providing support and preventing you from sinking too far into the mattress.

As a result of our testing, we gave the Purple RejuvenatePremier a score of 5/5 regarding cooling.


A responsive mattress is a type of mattress that provides support and bounce-back. This means that when you move around on the mattress, it will not sink as much as a traditional memory foam mattress.

Responsive mattresses are often preferred by people who sleep hot, as they can help keep you cool.

To test the responsiveness of the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress, we conducted a simple test. We placed a 20-pound ball on the mattress and waited for one second for the ball to settle. Then, we removed the ball and measured how long it took for the mattress to fully recover its shape.

The mattress fully recovered in about 0.7 seconds, which is an excellent responsiveness score.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is designed to provide support and bounce-back, thanks to its GelFlex Grid material. This material is more responsive than traditional polyfoam or memory foam, meaning that it will not sink as much when you move around.

However, the mattress's relatively soft feel means that you may still sink slightly when changing positions, which can be problematic for some sleepers, especially those who weigh over 250 pounds.

We gave this mattress a 4.6/5 regarding responsiveness.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is the ability of a mattress to prevent motion transfer from one person to another. This is important for couples who share a bed, as it can help to ensure that neither person is disturbed by the other's movements.

To test the motion isolation capabilities of the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress, we conducted our standard motion isolation test. We placed a glass half full of water on top of the mattress and dropped a 20lb ball on the other side. To our surprise, the water barely moved during the test.

Another test we conducted was to have our partner lie on one side of the mattress while we rolled around on the other side. Our partner reported that they did not feel any movement on their side of the mattress, as if they were sleeping on a separate mattress.

These two tests demonstrate that the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress has excellent motion isolation.

This is because the GelFlex Grid is made up of thousands of small, interconnected cells that are able to flex and move independently of each other. When one person moves, the cells on the side of the mattress flex to accommodate the movement. The cells in the other person's area of the mattress remain relatively still, which prevents the movement from being transferred.

This mattress scored a strong 5/5 regarding motion isolation.

Edge Support

Edge support is important in a mattress because it keeps you from rolling off the edge and provides support when you're sitting on it.

Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress

The Purple RejunevatePremier’s Edge Support System is a series of interconnected coils that are located around the perimeter of the mattress. These coils provide additional support and prevent the mattress from sagging when you sit or lie on the edge.

To assess the edge support of the Purple RejuvenatePremier, we put it to the test.

First, we applied firm pressure to the edges and monitored for counterpressure. We felt sufficient counterpressure and supportiveness from the layers. When we released the pressure, the edges quickly sprang back into shape.

Second, we sat on the edges of the mattress and monitored for any sinking that could happen from our body's weight. We sank in just slightly, which didn’t feel like we would fall off the mattress. We also felt supported when getting in and out of bed.

These tests demonstrate that the Purple RejuvenatePremier has above-average edge support thanks to the Edge Support Foam Layer and Edge Support System.

We rated the Purple RejuvenatePremier a 5/5 regarding edge support.


To test how silent the Purple RejuvenatePremier is, we conducted our standard noise test. We dropped a 20lb ball onto the mattress and listened for any squeaking or noises through our sensitive microphones.

During the test, we couldn't hear a thing. This mattress is silent, thanks to the GelFlex Grid and the foam layers.

The GelFlex Grid is made up of thousands of tiny, interconnected cells that are able to flex and move independently of each other. This helps to absorb and dissipate noise, making the mattress feel and sound quiet. The foam layers also help to muffle noise, providing additional insulation and preventing sound from traveling through the mattress.

This makes it a great choice for people who are sensitive to noise or who share a bed with a partner. That’s why we give it a score of 5/5.


A mattress that is good for sex is a personal decision, but there are four key qualities that can help you make a good choice: bounce, cooling, edge support, and noise.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier fits the bill on all four of these qualities.

The Purple Rejuvenate produces a light bounce in response to movement, which can prevent uncomfortable sinkage. The mattress also has above-average cooling, which will help you and your partner stay comfortable.

The Purple Rejuvenate has good edge support, so you won't have to worry about rolling off the edge of the bed. And finally, the mattress is quiet.

We gave it a 4.8/5 regarding sex performance.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is important in a mattress because it helps reduce pressure points, which can cause discomfort and pain.

When you lie down on a mattress, your body weight is distributed unevenly. Some areas of your body, such as your shoulders and hips, bear more weight than others. This can lead to pressure points, which are areas where your body comes into contact with the mattress and feels pressure.

A mattress with good pressure relief can help reduce pressure points by conforming to the shape of your body. This allows the mattress to support your body evenly and prevent pressure from building up in any one area.

To assess how well the Purple RejuvenatePremier provides pressure relief, we conducted our pressure map test. In this test, we had our partner lie on the mattress for 20 minutes while we measured the pressure at different body pressure points.

Purple RejuvenatePremier pressure map

The bluer the map, the better the pressure relief. As you can see in the pressure map below, the Purple RejuvenatePremier has excellent pressure relief.

The results of this test show that the Purple RejuvenatePremier is a great mattress for people who are looking for pressure relief.

The GelFlex Grid technology provides excellent support and helps to reduce pressure points, which can lead to discomfort and pain. This mattress is a good choice for all types of sleepers, including side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

The Purple RejuvenatePremier earned a strong 5/5 for pressure relief.

Purple RejuvenatePremier Warranty and Company Policies


Below is a table that simplifies the warranty terms of the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress:

Warranty TermDescription
Mattress Warranty10-year warranty that covers defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.
Warranty CoverageThe warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is limited to normal, everyday use in a home. If the mattress is not used properly or is damaged, abused, or neglected, the warranty will be void.
Warranted DefectsVisible indentation in the mattress greater than one 1 inch. Cracks splits, or other failures that happen during normal use.
Excluded DefectsLocalized firmness changes, comfort preferences, and damage caused by UV light.
Zippered Cover WarrantyThe zippered cover is covered by a 2-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Purple may choose to replace or repair the cover at its discretion. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of transportation, handling, and inspection.


The Purple Rejuvenate Premier mattress comes with a 100-day risk-free trial. This means that you can try the mattress for 100 days and return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied.


Purple will refund the full product price of the mattress minus the value of any discount, interest accrued, and shipping charges, but you may be charged to ship it back. They will also arrange a time to remove the mattress for you.

To return a Purple Rejuvenate Premier mattress, you must clean it, make sure it is undamaged, attach the mattress law tag, and return it within 100 days of the date of delivery.

However, it is advised to sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 21 days before returning it. This is because it can take some time for your body to adjust to better support.


Purple offers free ground shipping to shoppers in the contiguous U.S. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is available for an additional charge.

Currently, the Purple Luxe Collection is only available in the United States. However, Purple is planning to expand into more countries in the near future.


The pricing and size options for the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress are shown in the table below. The prices are before any discounts, and you can check the company's website for the latest discounts.

Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 18.5″$6,495
Queen60″ x 80″ x 18.5″$7,495
King76″ x 80″ x 18.5″$8,995
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 18.5″$8,995
Split King38″ x 80″ x 18.5″ (x2)$12,990

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is a luxury mattress that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning sleeper. It is made with high-quality materials and features innovative technology that provides unmatched comfort and support. While it is an expensive mattress, it is worth every penny for those who are looking for the best possible sleep.

That said we gave it 5/5 regarding value.

Policies Overview

Warranty10-Year Warranty Mattress
Trial100-Nights Free Trial
Return PolicyFree Returns
ShippingFree Shipping in Canada and the US
Financing OptionsZero Interest - Via Affirm
Country of OriginProudly made in the US

FAQs about Purple RejuvenatePremier

What makes Purple mattresses different and luxurious?

Purple mattresses are different and luxurious because of the GelFlex® Grid, a proprietary technology that is totally unique in the mattress market. The GelFlex® Grid is made of hyper-elastic polymer, which provides cushioning comfort and pressure relief while simultaneously maintaining support. It instantly adapts as you move, reconfiguring itself to relieve pressure and provide alignment where your body needs it most.

Is the Purple RejuvenatePremier worth the price?

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is a unique and luxurious mattress that offers a combination of comfort, support, and cooling that is unmatched by other mattresses on the market. However, it is also an expensive mattress. The high price is due to a number of factors, including the use of proprietary technology, hybrid construction, and high-quality materials. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is worth the price is a personal one.

How long does the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress last?

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is expected to last for a lifetime with proper care. The GelFlex® Grid is made of a durable material that is resistant to wear and tear. However, the mattress may need to be replaced sooner if it is used heavily or if it is not properly cared for.

How do I care for the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress?

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is easy to care for. It should be vacuumed regularly to remove dust and debris. The mattress should also be rotated every few months to evenly distribute wear and tear.

What is the difference between the Purple Rejuvenate and the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress?

The main difference between the Purple Rejuvenate and the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is the thickness of the GelFlex® Grid. The Purple Rejuvenate has a single layer of GelFlex® Grid that is 2.5 inches thick, while the Purple RejuvenatePremier has two layers of GelFlex® Grid that total 4.25 inches. This makes the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress slightly softer and more plush than the Purple Rejuvenate mattress.

What is the difference between the GelFlex® Grid and memory foam?

Memory foam is a type of foam that is known for its ability to conform to the body. However, memory foam can also trap heat, which can make you feel hot while you sleep. The GelFlex® Grid is also a type of foam that conforms to the body, but it is designed to sleep cool. This is because the Purple Grid has an open-cell structure, which allows air to circulate through the mattress.

Is the Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress waterproof?

The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is not waterproof. However, it is water-resistant. This means that it can withstand some water exposure, but it is not designed to be submerged in water. If the mattress does get wet, it is important to dry it as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Can I flip my PurpleRejuvenatePremiermattress**?**

No, you cannot flip a Purple mattress. The Purple Grid is designed to work best when it is in one direction. Flipping the mattress could damage the GelFlex® Grid and could also affect the way the mattress feels.

Purple RejuvenatePremier Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

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The Purple RejuvenatePremier mattress is a one-of-a-kind mattress that offers premium quality and performance in terms of cooling, responsiveness, motion isolation, edge support, pressure relief, and silence.

If you crave luxury and quality, we highly recommend this mattress as it will definitely “rejuvenate” you.

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