Saatva Rx Mattress Review

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Saatva Rx Mattress

The Saatva Rx is the latest, and priciest luxury model in their lineup. The Saatva Rx Mattress is made specifically for chronic back & joint pain relief, and best-in-class luxury materials.

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Pain Relief

Ideal for people looking for back and spine pain relief.

Great Warranty

Ideal for people looking for an outstanding long warranty that protects their investment.


Ideal for people looking for a luxurious 7-star hotel feel at home.


Offers excellent motion isolation and other features with couples in mind.

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Saatva is well-known for producing some of the most luxurious mattresses available for purchase. They are well-known for their Saatva Classic mattress model. However, they have lately launched their latest mattress, the Saatva Rx.

The Saatva Rx is Saatva's first premium mattress specifically created for sleepers suffering from chronic back and joint pain. The Saatva Rx is comprised of high-quality luxury materials, multiple comfort layers, and a design that is specifically made for ideal body contouring.

Saatva Rx mattress top view

In this review, you’ll learn about the Saatva Rx’s:

  • Unboxing experience.
  • Pros and cons.
  • Feel and comfort.
  • Performance test results.
  • Construction and design.
  • Warranty policies, company policies, and all the FAQs you might want to know.

Continue reading below to find out if the Saatva Rx Mattress lives up to its promises.

Saatva Rx Overview


Ideal for Back & Joint Pain Relief - the Saatva Rx is Saatva’s first luxury mattress specially designed for sleepers with chronic back and joint conditions. The Saatva Rx provides best-in-class back and joint pain relief.

Made with Luxury - the materials used in the Saatva Rx are some of the best you can find in a luxury mattress. Saatva uses the best quality materials available, and it definitely shows.

Suitable for Most Sleepers - the design and materials of the Saatva Rx make it suitable for most types of sleepers. We consider the Saatva Rx to be a very safe buy for most people looking for back and joint pain relief.


Might Be Expensive - with a queen size coming at a $3,295 (before any discounts) price tag, the Saatva Rx is definitely one of the priciest luxury mattresses money can buy, but also one of the best. We believe that despite the hefty price tag, it’s well worth it if you suffer from back and joint pain.

saatva rx mattress side view

Who do we Recommend the Saatva Rx for

Sleepers with Chronic Back and/or Joint Pain - Sleepers with those conditions will find the Saavta Rx absolutely perfect for relieving back and joint pain, making you feel very comfortable all night, especially if you’re a side sleeper.

Sleepers Looking For A Luxurious Mattress - The mattress is made up of very high-quality materials and many inner layers that make up for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Sleepers Seeking High Sleeping Quality - The excellent diversity and design in making the inner layers of the mattress support great features such as cooling, motion isolation, edge support, and pain relief, making your sleeping experience absolutely perfect.

Unboxing the Saatva Rx

When it comes to delivery and unboxing, the Saatva Rx isn't like other traditional mattresses that come delivered in a box, instead, it gets delivered to your doorstep in its full size with an optional white glove delivery.

White glove delivery is an option where they deliver the mattress to your home, take out the old one, and install the new Saatva mattress free of charge.

Saatva claims that they don't compress their mattresses to be put in a box, as compressing a mattress would damage its inner layers and further result in issues in the long run that would lower the mattress’s life span.

When it comes to off-gassing, the Saatva Rx mattress arrives completely odorless. This is mainly thanks to the use of high-quality organic adhesives and materials. Making the whole shipping experience of the Saatva mattress a very pleasurable experience.

Firmness, Feel, and Comfort For Saatva Rx

Saatva Rx Firmness

The Saatva is more around the medium-firm level. In our firmness level test, it scored 7/10, which makes its firmness above average and suitable for most sleepers of all weights.

Saatva Rx firmness scale

In our testing, we found that Saatva’s advertised firmness level is accurate and represents the real feel of the mattress compared to others we’ve tested. We think that this is a very versatile firmness level for sleepers looking for a mattress that can contour their bodies and relieve pain.

Saatva Rx Feel

Saatva is well-known for being one of the industry leaders in producing mattresses with extraordinarily soft and luxurious-feeling exteriors. The Saatva Rx, like their best-selling Saatva Classic, comes with a quilted, organic, antimicrobial cotton pillowtop that feels fantastic. Running your hands over the mattress instantly feels like being in a 7-star hotel suite.

Saatva Rx Mattress close up

We strongly advise you to test the feel for yourself to get a sense of how luxurious the exterior of this mattress feels. When it comes to mattress surfaces, we believe Saatva is still the best in the business.

Saatva Rx Comfort

The Saatva Rx is designed mainly to relieve chronic back and joint pain. This mattress's design and materials all point to an incredibly comfortable experience. In the Saatva Rx model, we believe Saatva has just nailed this aspect.

In all sleeping positions, we found the mattress to be extremely comfortable. The Saatva Rx is able to contour the body for ideal spinal alignment, providing you with an extraordinarily comfortable night's sleep. This is covered in greater detail in our performance testing.

Constructions, Materials, and Design

Materials and Design

As usual, Saatva opts for the highest quality materials in their luxury models. With the Saatva Rx being their most expensive model till the time of this review, we expect nothing short of excellent in this aspect.

The mattress is made of seven main layers of very high-quality foam stuffed near the middle with inner pocketed comfort coil units to add extra support and luxurious quality to the mattress. The Saatva Rx is distinguished by the use of a unique therapeutic support core, a body-cradling coil system, and innovative Rx foam modules. All of which is the perfect recipe for relieving pressure off your body during sleep.

Saatva never compresses their mattresses, as they believe it may damage the foam and inner coils of the mattress, and they want to deliver their products with the best build quality possible.

Saatva Rx layers


Layer One - An organic cotton-made breathable sleep surface that makes you cool all night and has zones with different structures that assist in pain relief.

Layer Two - A pressure-relieving half-inch of infused memory foam that adds more support to the surface layer and further assists in dispensing heat.

Layer Three - A two-and-a-half-inch high-density micro-coiled foam layer that adds additional comfort and optimal support to the body.

Layer Four - A second micro-coil layer with springs that is 1 inch thick and adds to the flexibility, bounce, and responsiveness features of the mattress, making your body flourish while sleeping.

Layer Five - A 2-inch foam module that encases each pocketed coil and consists of a cooling graphite infused with a phase change material that adds to the cooling experience of the mattress. Additionally, the open cell structure it consists of allows for more breathability and supports better motion isolation performance.

Layer Six - An 8-inch pocketed comfort coil unit that is made with recycled steel for durability and features firm caliper spring coils around its edges to support the mattress with solid edge support. This layer adds to the responsiveness and pressure relief features of the mattress by adjusting to your body’s curves and movements.

Performance of Saatva Rx Mattress


The Saavta Rx does an excellent job of making the upper surface feel cool all night. We did our usual 20-minute nap test, and we felt the coolness of the mattress the whole time.

saatva rx mattress breathability illustration

The Saatva Rx’s quilted top layer is breathable and did an excellent job of pulling away the heat from our bodies to the breathable inner layers. The inner layers do a great job dissipating heat, thus making it feel cool to the sleeper’s touch all night.

Accordingly, we gave the cooling performance a score of 4.9/5.


Good responsiveness helps you shift sleeping positions during the night without feeling “stuck” in your mattress. Less responsive mattresses feel like you’re sleeping “in the mattress” while responsive mattresses feel like you’re sleeping “on the mattress”.

The gel foam layer beneath the surface layer and the multi-layer individual pocketed spring coils near the middle of the mattress did a great job of making the mattress feel responsive and bouncy, without sacrificing motion isolation. The responsiveness is aimed specifically at side sleepers so that they can feel ideal pressure from the hips and shoulders, but we found it exceptionally good for back and stomach sleeping as well.

saatva rx responsiveness test

We performed our test by placing a 20-pound ball on the mattress, then lifting the ball and measuring how long it takes the mattress to recover to its original shape after the ball is removed. Faster shape recovery indicates higher responsiveness, which means you won't feel "stuck" in the mattress and will be able to shift positions easily while sleeping.

Overall, the firmness level and responsiveness were nothing short of excellent and should be suited for all average sleepers and below, as well as most heavy-weight sleepers (above 250 lbs), that being said we rate the responsiveness 4.9/5.

Motion Isolation

We did both of our motion isolation tests. The first is to put a glass of water on one side of the bed and a 20-pound ball on the other, then observe motion propagation to the glass of water. The second test involves rolling on one side of the bed while our partner reports the motion they feel on the other side.

Usually, hybrid mattresses suffer from mediocre motion isolation performance. However, the Saatva Rx had great motion isolation performance.

The fifth inner layer near the middle of the mattress, which Saatva calls the Rx foam module, is made up of a foam structure that capes each pocketed innerspring coil and has an open cell structure that is breathable and helps absorb any motion from the upper and outer layers of the mattress in fashion.

During the first test, the water in the glass held on pretty well and the glass stood solid without moving. We were surprised by the great motion isolation performance, especially with such great responsiveness performance. During the second test, our still tester was barely affected by any motion from the other side of the mattress and reported extremely minimal motion annoyance.

With that being said, we believe that most couples will have a peaceful night’s sleep on this mattress and won’t feel their partner move during the night.

The mattress scored a solid 4.8/5 in our motion isolation tests.

Edge Support

We expected great edge support performance, as Saatva is known for using thick supporting foam around the perimeter of the mattress. To add, Saatva uses their Quantum-Edge Coils which provide exceptionally good edge support. And as expected, edge support was as solid thanks to the Saatva best-in-class edge coils, high-quality foam, and support layers.

Saatva Rx edge support test

Our tester felt very confident sleeping on the side near the edge of the mattress without feeling like the mattress wouldn’t hold their weight and accordingly roll them over on the ground. On the very contrary the edges were solid enough and the mattress only sunk a bit before feedback was felt.

Additionally, we tried a couple more tests to see how it will be holding on, the first we sat down on the edge and measured how deep the mattress would sink before any counter feedback can be felt, and the second was that we applied force by our hands on the edges to see how tough they are.

On both occasions, the results were excellent. With that being said the mattress got an edge support score of 5/5.


The outer surface layer, which is an organic cotton-made breathable layer, is designed to have zones with different structures to support pain relief. It feels like pocketed foam zones on the surface that is squishy and responsive. And that fact may be the reason why it absorbs noise very effectively as well, of course besides the very well-designed inner layers.

We do our noise performance test by dropping a heavy ball on the mattress surface and testing the noise it would generate on impact through highly sensitive mics.

The noise produced was around 26 decibels, making the mattress highly effective in absorbing noise, and leaving only a slight noise to be heard or recorded by our sensitive mic.

We put the Saatva Rx in the “Very Quiet” performance bracket, getting a noise test score of 4.7/5.


We believe the Saatva Rx provides exceptional sex performance due to its excellent responsiveness, noise, bounce, and cooling performance.

The mattress's bounciness and responsiveness performance would provide a pleasant experience with easy movement on the mattress. In addition to the excellent edge support, you will feel more confident in using the entire surface area of the mattress.

Saatva did a great job designing the inner layers and the many support layers that adds to the overall experience of the mattress. And based on that the Saatva Rx scored an excellent sex performance score of 4.9/5.

Pressure Relief

The mattress is aimed at those with chronic back and joint pain and accordingly, the mattress does a significant job relieving pain from those areas. The Saatva Rx is designed specifically to align your back and joint to the ideal position, putting you in a relieving sleeping position during sleep.

Our pressure relief test consists of a 20-minute nap test on each side, and then reporting the pressure caused to different body zones. The pressure map below illustrates how the mattress responds to each sleeping position.

Saatva Rx pressure relief test heatmap

Our tests showed some of the best pain and pressure relief performance in a mattress that we've ever seen. The pressure map above shows the pressure locations that the mattress may cause. As you can see, the Saatva Rx had a nearly entirely blue pressure map, indicating excellent pressure reduction throughout the body.

With that being said, the Saatva Rx easily scored a 5/5 on our pressure relief tests. All we can say is good job, Saatva. We think this might be one of the most comfortable mattresses money can buy.

Saatva Rx Warranty and Company Policies


Saatva offers a lifetime warranty for their Rx model.


You get a full-year trial for the Rx mattress, which is a great deal. However, a minimal return fee may apply if you try it for this long and decide to return it.


Saatva offers free returns for the Rx mattress and up to 365 days of trial. Not a lot of brands offer such a lengthy trial period. Saatva is well-known for some of the best customer support and care in the industry, which is mainly thanks to the products living up to their promises.


Saatva ships the Rx model for free and offers a white glove delivery option free of charge. A white glove delivery means they’ll deliver the mattress for you, install it where you want to place it, and take out the old mattress for you.


The table below shows the different pricing and size options for the Saatva Rx mattress. Note that the prices shown are before any discounts.

Twin38″ x 75″ x 15″$1,995
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 15″$2,195
Full54″ x 75″ x 15″$2,695
Queen60″ x 80″ x 15″$3,295
King76″ x 80″ x 15″$3,795
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 15″$3,795
Split King76″ x 80″ x 15″$4,390

The Saatva Rx Mattress is definitely on the pricier side; however, we believe it's well worth the money. Saatva is using some of the highest-grade materials in this mattress, which definitely justifies the hefty price tag. The Saatva Rx mattress scored a solid 4.7/5 in terms of value.

Policies Overview

WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Trial365-Nights Free Trial
Return PolicyFree Returns
ShippingFree Shipping in Canada and US
Financing OptionsZero Interest - Via Affirm
Country of OriginProudly made in USA

Saatva Mattress FAQs

Does the Saatva mattress have an odor?

The Saatva is less likely than any other mattress to retain the distinctive "new mattress" odor, due to the use of organic, high-quality adhesives and materials. Synthetic foams are a common source of off-gassing odors. During production, these foams frequently release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Saatva’s outstanding manufacturing processes minimize such odors.

What happens to Saatva mattresses that are returned?

If you no longer want your Saatva mattress, Saatva will pick it up and transport it back to their facility for a fee of $99. It will be inspected there before being offered to staff or marked as a "sample" and donated to a local charity.

Where does Saatva make its mattresses?

Saatva mattresses are made entirely by hand in the United States, from materials sourced entirely within the country. Made to order and delivered "factory fresh," every Saatva mattress is a cut above the competition.

Are Saatva mattresses delivered in a box?

Saatva mattresses are not shipped compressed in a box but are rather made to order and delivered fully assembled to the bedroom of your choice. This helps keep the mattress internals intact upon delivery.

What kind of foam does Saatva use?

It combines latex and memory foam for a comfortable, well-rounded experience.

Saatva Rx Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

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The Saatva Rx offers a luxurious feel and comfort that adds to your sleeping experience and aims at relieving pain very effectively.

Saatva put much thought into the design of the inner layers of the mattress and they did a pretty good job executing these designs into an outcome that adds to the cooling, motions isolation, and pain relief performance of the Rx model thus making your sleeping experience and comfort feel out of earth.

Thanks to its exceptional performance and quality, we can easily recommend the Saatva Rx for most sleepers suffering from chronic back and joint pain.

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