Hush Classic Weighted Blanket Review

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The Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover is an excellent choice for cold sleepers looking for a thermal blanket that is easy to wash and doesn’t make noise while sleeping.

In this article, we talk about the Hush Classic Blanket’s construction, key features, health benefits, and more.

Continue reading below to know if this model from Hush is the blanket you're looking for.


Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover

The Hush Classic Blanket is the original blanket that started all the hype around Hush. With its comfy touch and duvet cover, it's definitely a "classic"!

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out of 5

Product Details
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Soft Minky Fabric
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100 Nights Trial
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Free Shipping (Canada & US)
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1-Year Warranty
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C$ 259 - C$ 329 (Before Discount)
Good choice for:
Stress Relief

Great for stress relief, reducing anxiety, and therapeutic relaxation.

Reducing Insomnia

Great for reducing insomnia and enhancing deep sleep.

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Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover

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woman on couch with hush classic weighted blanket

Key Features of the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket

The Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover is Hush’s original blanket that first got them to fame.

With its weighted features, scientifically tested health benefits, and overall great comfort, Hush made sure that this blanket is a must to anyone suffering from sleep disorders.

The Classic Blanket comes prepackaged with a Duvet Cover, which adds to the huge value this blanket already has.

The Duvet Cover is stylish and works easily with almost all bedsheets, especially as the colors available are classic grey and white, which are sure to work with almost anything.

The blanket is ideal for cold sleepers in specific. It has a soft material yet heat-isolating that makes you feel the warmth perfectly. The addition of the Duvet cover make it perfect for people who get cold in the middle of the night.

Nevertheless, the Classic Blanket could work with or without the Duvet Cover, which makes using the blanket an easy choice for hot sleepers, too - if you are a hot sleeper or looking for something that works better in the summer though, check Hush’s Iced 2.0 blanket.

The blanket is very easy to wash, as we will later discuss in the blanket’s special features.

Consider the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket If

  • Looking for a weighted blanket
  • Looking for stress-relief
  • You suffer from insomnia or find that getting to sleep is hard
  • Want a blanket that is machine-washable
  • You want a blanket that keeps you warm while still looking good

Avoid the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket If

  • You get too hot at night, or you want something that works in the summer - for this explore Hush’s Iced 2.0 Blanket
  • You need something that looks stylish on the couch or that is not “bedroomy” - for this explore Hush’s Knit Weighted Blanket or Hush’s Weighted Throw Blanket
  • You’re looking for a blanket for kids, go for the Hush Children's Weighted Blanket

Construction for the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket

inner layers of hush classic weighted blanket

Hush made sure that their entry to market with the Classic Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover makes an impact. Through our experience, we could vouch for Hush as they do not cheap out on any of the materials used.

The construction is super-premium with every stich refined to the finest of details. Hush uses premium “minky” soft material that strikes a perfect balance between warmth and smoothness.


The Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover is made from minky smooth material that makes the blanket as smooth as they get.

The high quality minky material makes sure that people with allergies will stay safe, through Hush’s hypoallergenic manufacturing method.

The inner blanket is made from super silky-smooth microfiber material which makes using the inner blanket alone great for anyone who feels too hot to use the Duvet Cover, or that it just is in the washing machine and you need a quick nap!

The Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover has Hush’s signature non-toxic glass sand which adds the weight with an even distribution.

The attention to detail that Hush has put in their Duvet cover shows in the smoothness and great touch and feel.

Touch and Feel

woman rolled in hush classic weighted blanket

The Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover has a smooth touch and feel, feeling more like you are sleeping with silk over you.

The smooth touch of the fabric mixed with the weight makes the blanket feel as if you’re being hugged by a loved one.

Thermal blankets are notorious for their high noise when moving under, but Hush has made sure that the sleeping experience is as silent as silence is.

Even without the Duvet Cover, the inner blanket is made using ultra-soft microfiber fabric that is so pleasing to sleep with.

Using the blanket with and without the duvet cover allows sleepers to pick their balance between keeping warm and cooling off the body while sleeping, removing issues with sleep cold sweats.

The premium materials used to make this blanket ensure that you do not get sweaty underneath, but with the “just right” amount of warmth. Hush made the blanket using premium cooling materials that just work perfectly.

Special Features

The Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover offers a wide variety of special features that all work towards making a better sleeping experience and easier cleaning.

A Duvet Cover

Hush made sure to improve the sleeping experience as much as possible, even when it comes to washing the blanket.

The Classic Blanket comes with a Duvet Cover that unzips easily and could be put directly into the washing machine.

And yes, you could sleep only using the inner cover (which is weighted as well).

Machine Washable

Hush has made it such that washing the blanket is a breeze. It can be washed in the machine, dried, and put to use again. You can skip picking up the dry cleaning.

No Bunching

Hush has added a special feature to their Classic Weighted Blanket using small 4-inch quilted squares to distribute the weighted material evenly throughout the blanket.


Another feature that Hush made sure to include was make their blankets dual-sided, meaning that you get to switch the blanket without noticing any difference in the touch and feel.

Finishes and Colors

ColorSizes Available
Classic GreyTeen (48x78 in), Twin (60x80 in), Queen (80x87 in), King (90x90 in), King (94x96 in)
WhiteTwin (60x80 in), Queen (80x87 in), King (94x96 in)

hush classic weighted blanket in white color

Hush's Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Hush ensured that they give back a blanket for every 10 blankets sold, giving back to the community and showing their social awareness.

Hush made sure to mention that they use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in their products.

Although Hush does not state that their packaging is made from recyclable materials, we were surprised to find that, in comparison to other manufacturers, Hush utilizes significantly less plastic in their product packaging.

Hush shows genuine concern for the environment even in their flashy packaging, with their lovely bowtie package that can double as a gift.

Hush is headed in the right direction, especially because it is being produced in a sustainable manner in Canada, however we wish they had used more recyclable materials in the packaging.

Health Benefits


Asthma sufferers can use the Hush blanket with confidence knowing it is made with hypoallergenic materials.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Scientific studies and fact checks on Hush's weighted technology have produced conclusive findings linking the use of the blanket to a lessening of tension and anxiety.

Improve Attention Disorders

Scientific studies and fact checks have confirmed a causal relationship between wearing a Hush weighted blanket and enhanced focus.

Reduce Chronic Pain

Scientific studies and fact checks on Hush's weighted technology have found a correlation between its use and a lessening of chronic pain.

Reducing Insomnia

Hush’s weighted technology has been scientifically tested and fact checked with results showing direct correlation between using the blanket and reduced insomnia.

Hush Classic Blanket Pricing and Sizes

Note that all the prices below are before any discounts. To check the best prices after discounts, check here.

Teen12LB48in x 78inC$259
Twin15LB60in x 80inC$269
Queen20LB80in x 87inC$299
Queen25LB80in x 87inC$299
King35LB90in x 90inC$329
King30LB94in x 96inC$329



You can try the Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover before you commit. Just try your first 100 nights and if you don’t like it, Hush will refund all what you paid for!

No commitments. We’d just love to see companies so proud of their products and so sure that you’ll love them that they’re ready to guarantee your satisfaction.

Warranty & Returns

Hush is one of the very few brands to provide such a generous warranty.

With its highly-competitive 1-year warranty and a guarantee for 100-nights you could “sleep assured” that nobody is going to bother your good-night sleep anymore!

Hush has made sure that you’ll love their products, and if you don’t, don’t sweat it, just return it within the first 30 nights, no strings attached.


And the cherry on top is that Hush provides free shipping to all its bedding products. Through North America (US and Canada), you can rest assured your product will get right to your doorstep without an extra penny.

Policies Overview

Trial100 Nights Guaranteed
Warranty1-Year Warranty
ShippingFree Shipping (US & Canada)
ReturnsFree Returns (Up to 30 Nights)
Country of OriginCanada
DiscountsCheck Best Price Here
InstallmentsUp-to 4 Payments

Hush Canada - Where to Buy

You can buy the Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover if you're in Canada, here.

Hush United States - Where to Buy

Hush has recently launched a US-targeted online store as well. You can find Hush's products, including the Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover, in the United States here.

woman in hush classic weighted blanket


Care Instructions

Our coverings may be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. The best way to clean it is to unzip it, wash it in cold water, and hang it up to dry. And if you can't hang your clothes to dry, don't worry: just put them in the dryer on low heat.

The weighted insert on the inside won't need to be cleaned as often as the cover, but it can still be cleaned. We suggest that you wash them by hand and then hang them to dry.

Is the Blanket Hypoallergenic?

Yes! Hush has made sure that their blankets are all hypoallergenic, allowing you to sleep without worrying about anything.

Are there any financing options?

Hush offers financing options to those who want it! If you’re looking for discounts or you want to check the best price now click here.

Does Hush provide free shipping?

Yes! Hush’s bedding are shipped for free for anyone living in the US and Canada.

In a Nutshell

The Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover is an ideal blanket for anyone looking for a good bed blanket. The blanket is made using premium materials and the weighted aspect adds to the lovely sleeping experience it allows.

In conclusion, we were really pleased with the Hush Classic Blanket and Duvet Cover and think you should give it a try if you're in the market for a new blanket or duvet cover.

Hush Classic Weighted Blanket Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

Stress Relief


The Hush Classic Weighted Blanket is designed for anyone in search of a stress-relieving, aesthetically pleasing, and thermally efficient blanket.

All-in-all we think you will love the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket as much as we did, as it is both reasonably priced and backed by a satisfaction guarantee. So you can buy it and test for yourself how comfy it is.

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Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover

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