Full vs Full XL Mattress Sizes: Everything You Need to Know

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Choosing the right mattress size, especially for younger or single sleepers or, is often overlooked when searching for the perfect sleep solution.

While full and full XL sizes seem similar, they have key differences that cater to different user groups.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive comparison of full and full XL mattresses, addressing frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

What are mattress sizes?

There are a variety of mattress sizes, including a single-person twin-sized bed and an extra-wide California king fit. Your height, weight, and personal preferences will determine the size of your mattress.

Below is a simple summary of different mattresses’ dimensions and costs.

A Full Mattress: What Is It?

Measuring 75 inches long and 54 inches wide, the full-size mattress, also known as a double bed, might not be the perfect fit for everyone. While it offers a comfortable length for single sleepers, its width can feel cramped for couples.

SizeDimensionsStarts From
King76" x 80"$439
Cal King72" x 84"$499
Queen60" x 80"$199
Full XL54" x 80"$489
Full53" x 75"$279
Twin XL38" x 80"$239
Twin38" x 75"$169

A Full XL Mattress: What Is It?

The Full XL bed differs from the Full bed by offering an additional 5 inches in length only. This makes it a great option for single sleepers who require more legroom like those who are taller than average or prefer the length of Twin XL, Queen, and King sizes, all at a lower cost.

Full vs. Full XL

image shows the deferent sizes of Full size mattress vs Full XL

Mattress SizeMattress DimensionsBest For
Full54 in x 75 in— Solo sleepers — Young adults with small spaces
Full XL54 in x 80 in— Solo sleepers — Taller individuals — couples

Taller people or those who like more legroom may use full XL beds, which are longer versions of regular full beds. Because of this, they are the perfect option for single people who think queen beds are too big. They work particularly well for adults living in small apartments, taller teens, and college students living in dorms.

Factors to consider while choosing between the Full and Full XL

reviewer reading a book in Full size bed

Who will sleep in this bed?

A full-size bed, often called a double bed, offers more space than a twin for single sleepers who prefer to spread out. For children and teens transitioning from twin beds, a full-size mattress provides a comfortable upgrade. It's a popular choice for adolescents, offering them extra room for growing bodies.

For taller sleepers, the Full XL version with its 6' 8" length is a game-changer. This extra space comes without a premium price, as most Full XL mattresses cost the same as their standard counterparts.

Your Room's Size:

Choosing between a Full and Full XL mattress can be easily determined by the available space in your room. While the difference in length is only 5 inches, it can significantly impact the perceived spaciousness of your room.


The Full XL mattress offers a solution for both space savings and tall sleepers. Five inches longer and one inch wider than a standard full, it provides extra room for stretching out without sacrificing precious floor space. While slightly narrower than a queen, its 75-inch length makes it ideal for single adults who want a comfortable bed that won't dominate the room.


How much bigger is a full XL than a full?

A full XL mattress is one inch wider than a full and five inches longer. It's an excellent choice for tall sleepers who do not share a bed. A Full XL mattress, which is slightly thinner than a queen, but the same length.

How many people can fit on a full XL bed?

It's just 6 inches thinner than a queen; therefore, it's probably not big enough for two. A full XL may be shared by two people; however, it will be a tight fit if you are used to a queen or king size.

Do queen sheets fit on a full bed?

Queen sheets normally measure 60 by 80 inches, whereas full sheets measure 54 by 75 inches. A fitted queen sheet will be too big for a full-size bed and won't fit. Instead, seek a full-sized sheet set.

What is the distinction between a full and a full XL mattress?

A full-size mattress is 54 × 75 inches, and a full XL mattress is 54 x 80 inches. A full XL mattress is 5 inches longer and far less common than a typical full mattress.


Because of their unusual size, the Full and Full XL mattresses meet a need in the mattress industry. It's a size that mainly caters to taller people who want that extra legroom but don't necessarily desire the width of a queen.

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