Mattress Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

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There are a lot of factors to take into account when searching for a mattress, such as firmness, feel, and material. Another crucial element that many people overlook but is one of the most crucial ones is mattress size. Size has a bigger role in determining how much you will pay for a mattress.

In this article, we will go through every mattress size, how you can know which mattress size best suits you, and frequently asked questions that you might have.

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Twin38" x 75"
Twin XL38" x 80"
Single48" x 84"
Full54" x 75"
Queen60" x 80"
California King72" x 84"
King76" x 80"

Beds for Single Sleepers


  • Ideal for: Bunk beds, Children's bedrooms, or Compact rooms
  • Benefits: A twin-size mattress is ideal for youngsters or single sleepers who wish to optimize room space. Twin-size mattresses are popular among children since they are the least expensive size available and take up less space in their bedroom, giving them more room to play.
  • Drawbacks: (Unsuitable for adults) Most adults may find it excessively short and narrow, which might be uncomfortable when they sleep.

Twin XL

  • Ideal for: Taller kids, young people
  • Benefits: Taller kids or single adults who want more legroom should choose the Twin XL twin mattress. Remember that while twin XL mattresses are typically found in college dorms, it might be more difficult to locate bedding that fits them. This implies that during back-to-school season, twin XL bedding is often in high demand.
  • Drawbacks: (Cost of bedding) Twin XL mattress bedding may be a little more expensive and harder to find.


  • Ideal for: Studio flats, Singles without pets
  • Benefits: Full-size mattresses are popular among young adults and couples who don't mind snuggling to optimize the amount of space in their bedroom because full-size mattresses are larger than twin beds but less expensive than queen mattresses.
  • Drawbacks: It may seem crowded For individuals who are tall or like more space.

Beds for Couples

couples puttinf mattress on the bed


  • Ideal for: Couples of average size, Single sleepers, People with small pets
  • Benefits: The greatest mattresses for solo sleepers or couples who value their space are queen sizes. Couples can also enjoy them if no one is taller than six feet. It's the most common mattress size right now.
  • drawbacks: (pricey) A queen mattress is more expensive, especially for solo sleepers who can find a solo mattress for much cheaper.


  • Ideal for: Large rooms, Master bedrooms, People sharing a bed with pets
  • Benefits: A king bed is a popular choice for couples with children or singles who need additional space to spread out. A larger size bed is more expensive, both in terms of the mattress and the linens, so bear that in mind if you're on a tight budget.
  • drawbacks: (Takes up room) May give the impression of a tiny bedroom and is on the pricier side.

California King

  • Ideal for: People who are taller than normal, Those who require additional legroom
  • Benefits: A California king is not as wide as a king-sized mattress, but it is longer. It works well for couples with dogs who sleep on the bottom of the mattress or tall singles.
  • drawbacks: (Harder to find) Neither the size nor its beddings are as prevalent as those of a king.

Not So Common Mattress Sizes

Full XL

A full XL is a suitable size; it is in between a full and a queen, 54 by 80 inches. It is just as long as a queen, yet it gives the same breadth as a full mattress. Adult singles who require extra legroom or pet space would usually go for a full XL bed. However, bear in mind that finding bedding for a full XL mattress will be a little more difficult than for a full or queen.

Short Queen

Short queen mattresses have the same 60-inch width as conventional queens, but they are 5 inches shorter and weigh less. They are lighter and smaller, making them easier to move. Short Queens are ideal for tiny rooms or unusual room designs as they save space and are transportable because they are most typically used in RVs.

Olympic Queen

The Olympic queen mattress is 66 by 80 inches and is six inches wider than a regular queen size, giving couples plenty of space to sleep comfortably. It's a hassle to find bedding accessories like sheets that fit this size.

An Olympic queen-size bed has the advantage of offering somewhat more room than a regular queen-size bed, without going as large as a king-size bed. The Olympic queen size is more frequently found inside RVs and camper trailers.

Split Queen

A split queen bed is a dual queen-size mattress made up of two mattresses measuring 30 inches by 80 inches each. When it comes to the optimal bed size for couples, we think a queen is ideal. However, with a split queen, each mattress may have a different firmness level, allowing you to always get what you desire.

If you want to know more about split mattresses, click here.

Wyoming King

The Wyoming King is 84 by 84 inches. While not as long as a Texas king mattress, it is a perfect square. Their precisely symmetrical design and huge size give them a trendy feel to them.

Texas King

A Texas King is a huge mattress that is 80 by 98 inches in size. The Texas King also has the honorary title of "longest specialty bed" at almost 100 inches.

Split King

Split King’s dimensions are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. It is personalized for optimum comfort with each side may be customized to different preferences. It can also be simple to move as it is more portable than a king mattress.

Split California King

A split California king bed is the same size as a normal California King mattress, measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. However, unlike the California King mattress, the split Cal King features a gap in the middle, allowing two distinct mattresses to be piled together to become a Cal King mattress.

Alaskan King

Alaskan Kings measure 84 by 144 inches and is the ideal mattress for a huge room. An Alaskan king will not let you down, whether you have a large family that enjoys movie nights in bed or you're searching for an aesthetically beautiful way to organize your extra huge master bedroom.

Overview of Dimensions:

Mattress SizeDimensions (width x length)Pieces
Split California King36" x 84"2
Split Queen39" x 80"2
Split King39" x 80"2
Short Queen60" x 75"1
Full XL53" x 80"1
Olympic Queen66" x 80"1
Texas King80" x 98"1
Wyoming King84" x 84"1
Alaskan King108" x 108"1

Essential Tips for Mattress Size Selection

a women with tape mesure the bed

1) Measure your room dimensions:

Remember that your bedroom is more than simply your bed. You must provide room for mobility and other comfy furnishings. The bedroom is your retreat, where you go at the end of the day to rest and revitalize. An overcrowded environment can generate tension and make sleeping difficult. As a result, a large bed in a small room is not a good choice.

2) Consider the number of sleepers:

You should consider whether you spend your nights by yourself or you share a bed with someone, children, or your pets. In a tiny space, a twin or twin XL mattress can be plenty if it's just for you. If you sleep alone and do not share a bed, you may cross king and California king mattresses off your list; queen, full, or full XL beds would be more appropriate.

If you want to share your mattress with a someone or kid, however, you should go for a queen, king, or California king.

3) Prioritize your comfort and sleeping style:

Selecting the appropriate mattress size depends on how you sleep. Most of the time, back and stomach sleepers can accommodate any size mattress. A queen or king mattress gives side sleepers greater room to spread out comfortably.

4) Consider your height:

When selecting a mattress, you should consider your height. If you are tall, you may benefit from a bed that is higher off the ground. A higher bed allows you to sit on the edge and ease back into your mattress without putting strain on your muscles and joints as a low bed does.

On the other hand, if you're shorter, you don't want a bed that's so high that you have to jump up to burrow under the covers or bounce down or slide off to get out.

5) Consider your budget:

The price of a mattress increases with its size. Think about your spending limit and how much comfort you need. Another crucial factor is budget as it dictates the solutions that are accessible.

Bonus tip:

If you are still unsure about which size is ideal for you, you can always try mattresses yourself at a store or take advantage of the trial periods that most mattress companies provide.

male customer showing thumbs up


What is the typical mattress thickness?

Generally speaking, mattresses are 8 to 14 inches thick, while some less expensive models are thinner. Most high-quality mattresses have a minimum thickness of 10 inches to offer sufficient support and cushioning. Think about adding a mattress topper if your mattress is thinner.

Is a King mattress made up of two Twin mattresses?

No, a king bed is five inches longer than a twin bed. However, a king-size bed may be made out of two twin XL mattresses.

How can I determine the size of my mattress?

Measure the length of the mattress in inches from the top to the bottom. Repeat for the box spring if required and measure the breadth of the mattress from side to side in inches.

What’s the largest mattress size?

The Alaska King mattress has the largest sleep surface, measuring 108 inches by 108 inches. This square-shaped mattress is the most well-known of the enormous mattresses, and it is wide enough to accommodate families with more than one child, as well as long enough for tall sleepers who want to stretch out while they sleep.

What’s the most popular mattress size?

The queen mattress size, measuring 60 by 80 inches, is the most often used. It is less expensive than a king and provides plenty of room for both single sleepers and couples.

What size bed do most couples sleep on?

The majority of couples have a queen-sized bed. It's the most popular mattress size for couples since it gives enough space for two people to sleep.

Can a mattress be too high?

Yes, In general, a bed 25 inches above the floor (including the bed frame and mattress) works well for the average sleeper. A heavy-weight individual may have difficulties getting into bed if your mattress is too high. Physical constraints, such as mobility concerns, may need a lower bed that is simpler to get into and out of.


Selecting the correct size mattress is just as essential to your overall comfort as the hardness and kind of mattress you select. Space is essential for maximizing your comfort level when you sleep. To get the most out of your mattress, you must strike a balance between your wants, the size of your room, and your budget.

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