Pillow Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

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Pillows do not come in one size that fits all. If you want to replace your pillow, upgrade to a more comfortable one, or alter your bed frame and mattress, you'll need to know what size pillow to buy.

In this article, we'll go over:

  • Popular pillow sizes and standard pillow sizes
  • How to choose your pillow
  • Not-so-popular pillow sizes
  • Frequently asked questions

Why Bed Pillow Sizes Matters

Pillow size isn't one-size-fits-all; there is neither a standard pillow size nor one pillow type, yet choosing the right pillow plays a crucial role in both comfort and pressure relief. Choosing the right size depends on your unique body type. To choose the pillow that best suits you, you must ensure it has excellent neck support and provides proper neck and spine alignment to ensure quality sleep.

Pillow Sizes and Dimensions

King pillow sizes, queen pillow sizes, and body pillows are the most popular and in-demand sizes of pillows. However, there may be certain sub-categories with variations in the size of pillows; check out the pillow size chart.

Pillow SizeDimensionsAverage Price
Standard20″ x 26″$111
Queen20″ x 30″$112
King20″ x 36″$156
Body20″ x 54″$72

What size are standard-size pillows?

standard pillow

Standard pillow sizes cradle your head without being overwhelming. But if you're a restless side-switcher, you might find yourself tumbling off, leading to neck pain. A standard pillow suits all types of sleepers—side, stomach, back, or even combination sleepers.

What size are the queen pillows?

The queen-size pillow measures 20”x30”, which is a few inches larger than the standard, and it is one of the most popular pillow sizes.

Bed measurement-wise, a queen pillow can fit a twin bed, and two of them will fit a queen mattress, making it a very common size.

King-Size Pillow

King-Size pillow

King pillow dimensions measure 20”x36” and may also be used to provide back support when sitting up in bed. King pillows may easily be placed on a twin or full bed, and two across a king or California king-sized bed to accommodate different sleepers.

Body Pillow

Conforming to your curves, body pillows offer ample support and stability throughout the night with their 20”x54” size.

women sleeping in a body pillow

Pregnant women especially appreciate their benefits, as they can be used as support beneath the body and prevent unwanted rolls back onto the stomach or back, ensuring ultimate comfort for mom and baby.

Other Pillow Sizes and Styles

Pillow SizeDimensions
Euro26″ x 26″
Boudoir12″ x 16″
Travel12″ x 16″
Wedge20″ x 25″
Pregnancy51” x 137”
Lumbar12” x 20”
Throw24” x 24”
Knee5.5" x 8.5" x 2"

Euro Pillow

Euro pillow

Euro pillows are square pillows that measure 26”x26” and are mainly used as decoration pieces to give a splash of color to your bedroom or reception.

Boudoir Pillow

Boudoir pillow

The average boudoir cushion is 12 by 16 inches. These little rectangular cushions are merely ornamental. They may make an excellent addition to your bedding or even your couch.

Travel Pillows

Travel pillow

The smallest pillow option there is the travel pillow, measuring 12”x16”, which is why they are easy to carry around, pack, and travel with.

Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillow

Triangular wedge pillows’ main purpose is to elevate your upper body to prevent acid reflux and snoring, and they measure 20”x 25"x 6-12”. By keeping airways open, wedges combat sleep apnea and its disruptive snores. For those suffering from heartburn, the incline prevents stomach acid from rising into the esophagus, ensuring a calmer night.

But the benefits extend beyond bedtime. Wedges serve as comfortable knee cushions for back sleepers and double as convenient reading props during the day.

Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillow

Getting enough quality sleep is crucial during pregnancy, especially as your body adapts and changes. While a standard body pillow can offer some comfort, specially shaped options can provide even greater support in key areas.

U-shaped pillows, for example, cradle your head with their curved ends, while prongs on either side hug your back and belly. Similarly, C-shaped pillows wrap around your entire body, offering comprehensive support. Keep in mind that these larger pillows can take up more space, so ensure you have a queen- or king-sized mattress for comfortable snuggling.

Lumbar Pillows

Lumbar pillows are used to support the lumbar area of the spine and can be used on chairs or for sleeping purposes, offering you a more comfortable way of sitting or lying down.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillow

Standard throw pillow sizes, the Euro pillow, and the Boudoir pillow are used for decoration purposes mostly as they offer unique designs, textures, and shapes to add a spark to your room.

Orthopedic Pillows

Orthopedic pillows are used by those who suffer from neck, back, or shoulder issues by supporting the neck and the back, as they are tailored for comfort.

Knee Pillows

Knee pillows mainly promote proper spinal alignment as they are used to fit between the legs of a side sleeper to offer pressure relief for the back, knees, and hips.

How To Choose The Right Pillow Size

Mattress Size:

Standard or queen-sized pillows are most commonly used for a twin or twin XL mattress, which measures 38 inches wide. You can use two standard pillows on a full-size mattress, which measures 54 inches wide.

If your mattress is a queen size, 60” wide, two queen-size pillows will sit nicely on it. You might alternatively choose two normal-size pillows.

You can also use two king size pillows, two standard or queen pillows, or three standard pillows if you have a king or California king mattress. If you want to know more about mattress sizes, click here.

The material of the pillow is:

Pillows come in a variety of materials, like latex pillows, down pillows, and memory foam pillows, each offering a unique feel. If you want to dive deep into pillow types. Take foam pillows, for example. They can be made from either a solid block of foam for firmer support or shredded foam for a more conforming experience. Memory foam cradles your head and neck with deep contouring, but if you prefer a light and bouncy feel, latex foam might be a better fit. Just remember, memory foam tends to retain heat while latex stays cool, so consider your sleep preferences when choosing.

Down pillow is a classic pillow fill renowned for its fluffy, cloud-like texture and natural insulating properties. While Down pillows offer unparalleled breathability and are often hypoallergenic, their cost can be a barrier. Fortunately, several synthetic down alternatives replicate the feel at a lower price point, though they may have different breathability and natural benefits.


Determining your budget is a very important factor to consider when choosing a pillow. Select a pillow that meets your budget, as there is a vast range in pillow pricing. As for more common and affordable pillows, you can choose king-size, queen-size, or standard-sized pillows.


Choosing a mattress that best suits you and your needs and preferences is crucial. There is a wide range of pillows, like softer, firmer, foam, and feather pillows, and there are a lot of sizes to consider too. So make sure to thoroughly research which pillow will work best for you.

Number of Sleepers:

The number of sleepers and the size of the mattress determine which pillows can be used. If you share a bed, pick a pillow size that the mattress can accommodate when you place two of them side by side.


Which are the most standard pillow dimensions?

The standard pillow dimensions, which measure 20 by 26 inches and fit side by side on most mattress sizes, are the most popular type of pillow.

How much larger should a pillowcase be than a pillow?

When looking for a soft and fitting pillowcase, always choose a larger size by a few inches, as a tighter pillowcase can change the shape and purpose of the pillow.

What size pillows do hotels use?

Luxury hotel pillows are often stuffed with down or a combination of down and feathers. The specialized hotel size is 50x90.

Should I select a soft or firm pillow?

It's a question of personal choice; some individuals enjoy a gentle sensation when they lie down, while others want stronger support. For side sleepers, firm pillows are recommended for neck support, while stomach sleepers will choose a softer pillow. Click here to learn more about pillow firmness.

What size pillow is best for your neck?

The queen-sized pillow (20 by 30 inches) provides more room for your head and shoulders, which can benefit back and stomach sleepers because of its neck and spine support.

How do you know if a pillow is too big?

The correct pillow helps your neck stay in good shape as you sleep. This form is known as "cervical lordosis." If your pillow is too wide or too little, it might disrupt this form, causing you to wake up with neck, headache, or arm pain. If you are still confused.


Your taste has a significant impact on the pillow you should pick. Look for a pillow that includes a return policy or a sleep trial so you can try it out for a few nights.

Now that you've gained a thorough grasp of sleep pillow sizes, varieties, and concerns, it's time to locate your ideal pillow. Consider your sleeping posture, preferred loft, and general comfort level before making your decision.

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