Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress Review

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Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress

Offering the ideal ratio of comfort to support, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress is a lavish sleeping option. This hybrid mattress, made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, combines the responsive support of 1000+ individually wrapped coils with the pressure-relieving properties of foam.

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This mattress is a good choice for:
Back Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight back sleepers.


Offers excellent motion isolation and other features with couples in mind.

Hot Sleepers

Ideal for hot sleepers who would like to stay cool at night.

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Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress

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David Wolfe and John Merwin launched the American company Leesa in 2014 intending to improve sleep quality by employing premium materials to give all types of sleepers additional comfort and a luxurious feel.

The 6-inch layer of zoned-support pocketed coils, plush foam layers, and multiple layers of foam combined create a cool sleeping surface that helps all types of sleepers feel comfortable on the Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress.

In this review, we will test the Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress regarding:

  • Pros and cons.
  • Unboxing experience.
  • Feel and comfort.
  • Construction and design.
  • Performance test results.
  • Warranty policies, company policies, and all the FAQs you might want to know.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Overview


  • Strong Construction: The use of high-quality materials ensures longevity and dependable performance in this durable construction, which includes a sturdy coil system and solid foam layers.
  • Temperature regulation: uses breathable materials and design elements that enhance airflow to create a cooler sleeping environment and avoid overheating at night.
  • Enhanced Pressure Relief: Because of its soft foam layers that follow the contours of the body, this mattress provides exceptional pressure relief, especially for side sleepers.


  • Restricted Firmness Options: The Sapira Hybrid is made to feel universally comfortable for most people, but it may not be as firm or soft as some would like.
  • Weight: Compared to all-foam mattresses, the hybrid design of this mattress, with its coil system, may make it heavier and more difficult to move or rotate.

Who do we recommend the Leesa Sapira Hybrid for?

  • Couples: This mattress reduces the possibility that you will feel your partner's movements at night by isolating motion. Perfect for couples seeking peaceful sleep.
  • Comfort enthusiasts: For those people, the cooling gel layer and rich texture of the quilt top, along with the excellent pressure relief, make for a soft and comfortable mattress.
  • For those who suffer from back pain: the Leesa Sapira Hybrid combines the bounce and airflow of a traditional spring mattress with the pressure-relieving, spinal alignment, and motion isolation properties of classic memory foam to provide maximum support where it's most needed.

unboxing Leesa Sapira hybrid

Unboxing the Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Delivering the Sapira Hybrid Mattress conveniently compressed in a box that is manageable for two people to carry demonstrates Leesa's commitment to customer comfort.

Just take out the rolled mattress from the box, set it on your bed, and cut the plastic wrap carefully. The mattress will return to its original size in approximately an hour, with the corners neatly filling the edges of your bed and exhibiting excellent corner expansion.

After unpacking, you might detect a subtle smell that is called off-gassing. However, with adequate ventilation, this innocuous odor will disappear in a day or two.

Firmness, Feel, and Comfort For the Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Firmness

The firmness of your mattress will depend on your body weight and preferred sleeping position, so it's important to select one that meets your needs.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid firmness scale

With a score of 6.5/10 on our firmness test, the Leesa Sapira hybrid is a reasonably priced, luxurious, well-cushioned, medium-firm option that keeps sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress and instead makes them feel atop it.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Feel

There are other benefits to the Leesa Sapira besides its ability to block off heat and keep you cool at night. In addition, it has a medium-firm feel, which is ideal for back sleepers and those with back issues. Its cool-to-the-touch cover and soft fabric provide excellent support and a cool, comfortable feel.

In addition, the memory foam layer helps with motion transfer by conforming the mattress to the contours of your body while you sleep, which is especially beneficial for couples. This mattress is also responsive because of the bounce that the layers of individually wrapped zoned coils provide.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Comfort

Sleepers who sleep on their sides, backs, or stomachs have different needs when it comes to mattresses. Back sleepers typically need a medium-firm mattress to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Conversely, people who sleep on their stomachs need a firm mattress so they don't sink too far into it and put pressure on their lower backs.

Side sleepers need a softer mattress that fits their bodies better and relieves pressure points on their hips and shoulders.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid was tested while it was sleeping in various positions. We tested it with the assistance of our reviewers, who differ in weight and sleeping positions.

We concluded that the Leesa Sapira Mattress is perfect for back sleepers, as it provides plenty of support for your spine and lots of pressure relief.

Lightweight Sleepers (Under 130 lbs)GoodExcellentExcellent
Average Weight Sleepers (130 lbs - 230 lbs)Very GoodExcellentVery Good
Heavyweight Sleepers (Over 230 lbs)ExcellentExcellentGood

Constructions, Materials, and Design

Materials and Design

Because it is composed of the best materials, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress is an abundant choice. Let's dive straight into each layer's specifics. It features multiple layers of soft foam, zoned pocketed coils, and cooling elements.


Leesa Sapira hybrid layers

  1. Breathable Cool-Knit Cover: This cover, which is composed of 87% polyester and 13% viscose, improves airflow and helps control temperature to provide a comfortable night's sleep.
  2. 1.5" Cooling Premium Foam: Made to release heat and keep you cool all night long, guaranteeing a cool and comfortable sleep environment.
  3. 1.5" Contouring Memory Foam: This layer follows the natural curves of your body to relieve pressure points and offer customized support for a comfortable night's sleep.
  4. 1" Transition Core Support Foam: This foam layer ensures even weight distribution and healthy spinal alignment by acting as a transition between the supportive coil system below and the softer comfort layers above.
  5. 6." Individually Wrapped Spring System with Perimeter Edge Support: This mattress's central component, the individually wrapped spring system, provides focused support and motion isolation. The perimeter edge support adds stability and keeps the mattress from sagging.
  6. 1" High-Density Base Support Foam: Acting as the mattress's structural cornerstone, this layer offers durability and stability to guarantee comfort and support for an extended period.

Performance of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid


We look at a mattress's construction to determine whether or not it is cooling. The Leesa Sapira Hybrid features a layer of pocketed coils for adequate airflow. The cool-to-the-touch cover and the cooling foam provide additional temperature management.

A mattress's ability to prevent overheating and promote more comfortable sleep is a crucial feature; people who live in hot climates or tend to overheat while sleeping should be especially aware of this.

We laid on the Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress for 20 minutes, monitoring its heat retention to test its cooling abilities. After 20 minutes, we felt no heat and felt its cooling effects.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid scored a 4.5/5 on our cooling test.

Leesa Sapira hybrid


We also test responsiveness by measuring the time it takes for the mattress to return to its initial shape after use. Responsive mattresses are great for both sexual activities and combination sleepers because they are very comfortable to move around on and change positions on.

We tested the responsiveness of the Leesa Sapira. We put a 20-pound ball on the mattress and then removed it to test it. With this test, we can determine how quickly the mattress regains its original shape after being compressed.

Following this test, we found that the mattress needed 0.5 seconds to regain its original shape. This indicates how well-responsive it is.

The Leesa Sapira hybrid scored a 5/5 on our responsiveness test.

Motion Isolation

The ability of a mattress to isolate motion is important because it may make it less likely that you will become bothered by your partner's movements. If you share a bed with someone who moves around a lot or is a light sleeper, motion isolation can be very beneficial.

To test this, we placed a glass half full of water on top of a 20-pound ball that was placed on one side of the mattress. The twenty-pound ball hit the mattress with almost no movement in the water within the glass. The mattress absorbed the impact of the ball, causing the water to barely move at all.

The Leesa Sapira Chill mattress has good motion isolation overall. Smaller movements such as turning and tossing should be minimal. However, you may feel a slight movement in the bed when your partner gets on and off.

We rate Leesa Sapira's motion isolation at a score of 4 out of 5.

Motion isolation plays a critical role in minimizing and absorbing motion transfer across the surface of the mattress, which makes it a great option for couples who wish to avoid being woken up in the middle of the night by their partner's tossing and turning.

To test this, we placed a 20-pound ball on one side of the mattress and covered it with a half-full glass of water. When the 20-pound ball hit the mattress, there was almost no movement in the water inside the glass. The mattress took up most of the impact from the ball.

We conducted one more test to see how well the mattress would block motion from a partner. While the other was free to roll around on one side of the mattress, the first was asked to lie on the other side. The individual who remained still on the other side of the mattress claimed not to have felt any movement at all. exhibiting exceptional motion isolation.

In our motion isolation test, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid received a 5/5.

Edge Support

How stable you feel sitting on the side of your bed depends on the edge support. An excellent edge support mattress is a blessing for couples, heavy sleepers, people looking for a long-lasting mattress, and anyone who likes to spread out and use the entire surface area of the mattress.

To see how the Leesa Sapira Hybrid would perform, we put it through two tests. We first applied pressure to the edges firmly, monitoring the area for any indications of counterpressure. The mattress provided good support and returned to its original shape when we released pressure.

Second, we positioned ourselves on the mattress's edges and kept an eye out for any sinking that might have resulted from our combined weight. When we got out of bed, we felt secure and comfortable, and we barely noticed any sinking.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress scored 4.6/5 stars for edge support.


A silent mattress is the best choice for light sleepers and couples. When you're trying to fall asleep, the last thing you want to hear is your partner rolling around or kicking, or the creaking of the springs in your mattress.

We placed a 20-pound ball on top of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid to hear noises. We listened for any squeaks or other noises using sensitive microphones, but we couldn't hear any. The noise level of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress is very low.

It's an excellent choice for couples, light sleepers, and those who are sensitive to noise, as we gave it a 5/5 noise rating.


While selecting a mattress for sex is a matter of personal preference, the four primary factors to take into account are edge support, cooling, bounce, and noise.

Because of this, the majority of couples require a mattress that offers both motion isolation and some responsiveness. The Leesa is responsive enough for sex and hits that sweet spot. It bounces well as well.

Its enjoyable bounce and cooling qualities prevent you from going too far below the surface. This implies that you and your partner will be able to move freely and comfortably without feeling hot or heavy.

The Leesa Sapira scored a 4.7/5 on our sex performance test.

Pressure Relief

A well-pressed mattress's curved, cushioned surface aids in pressure point relief. Those who sleep on their sides frequently experience joint pain, so mattresses with lots of pressure relief are beneficial.

We tested the Leesa Sapira hybrid mattress's ability to release pressure using our pressure map method. Our reviewer was made to lie on the mattress for twenty minutes while we measured pressure at different points on their body.

The pressure relief test results are displayed in the pressure map below.

Leesa Sapira hybrid pressure map

  • Back Sleepers: The extensive blue area on the back of the pressure map indicates excellent pressure relief for back sleepers. This makes the Leesa a great choice for those who primarily sleep on their backs.
  • Side Sleepers: Side sleepers, particularly light to average-weight individuals, will likely find the Leesa comfortable due to the green hues on the hips and shoulders, signifying pressure relief in these key areas. However, heavier side sleepers might experience more pressure in these areas and might benefit from a softer Leesa option.
  • Stomach Sleepers: The pressure map shows green hues on the back, suggesting that stomach sleepers, especially those with heavy body weight, might not experience sufficient pressure relief. For optimal comfort and support, stomach sleepers typically require a firmer mattress.

Overall, this Leesa mattress is ideal for back sleepers and may be suitable for light-side sleepers. However, heavier side sleepers and stomach sleepers might require a firmer mattress for optimal comfort and support.

In our pressure-relief test, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress scored 4.5/5.

Leesa Warranty and Company Policies


The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress is guaranteed to be free of weak components and manufacturing defects for 10 years. If a problem develops during this term, Leesa will replace your mattress at no cost to you. However, the warranty does not cover accidents, abuse, or misuse.


The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress is available for a 100-night risk-free trial. This is a great option for anyone who isn't sure which mattress is best for them because you have plenty of time to try the mattress out and make a decision. During the trial period, you can use the mattress as much as you like.


It's common for someone to feel a little uncomfortable when they first get a new mattress. Their bodies require some time to adjust to the new support, stiffness, and materials. Giving a mattress at least 21 nights before returning it is advised to allow your body to adjust. You can return the bed for a full refund at no additional cost after 21 nights.


Leesa has free shipping within the United States and parts of Canada with a 100-night free trial period. Most mattresses ship within 1–2 days, but the shipping time may vary depending on the delivery address.


The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress is available in a variety of sizes, with prices starting at $1,499. These prices are before any discounts, so it is best to check their website for the most up-to-date information.

Twin38″ x 74″ x 11″$1,349
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 11″$1,399
Full54″ x 75″ x 11″$1,699
Queen60″ x 80″ x 11″$1,999
King76″ x 80″ x 11″$2,299
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 11″$2,299

The Leesa Sapira is a high-end mattress that is fairly priced. You should expect to get excellent value and performance for your money. Superior foams and materials are used in the construction of the mattress to ensure that it stays cool, comfortable, and supportive throughout the night.

Policies Overview

Warranty10-Year Warranty Mattress
Trial100-Nights Free Trial
Return PolicyFree Returns
ShippingFree Shipping in The United States
Financing OptionsZero Interest - Via Affirm
Country of OriginProudly made in The United States

FAQs about the Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Does the Sapira Hybrid Mattress help with back pain?

The Sapira Hybrid's responsive coils and pressure-relieving foam layers are intended to improve spinal alignment and reduce discomfort, though individual results may differ.

Is the Sapira Hybrid Mattress Environmentally Friendly?

Yes. Leesa is dedicated to sustainability, the Sapira Hybrid is constructed from premium, environmentally friendly materials that put comfort and environmental responsibility first.

Does the Sapira Hybrid Mattress require a particular kind of foundation or bed frame?

Although the Sapira Hybrid Mattress is compatible with a variety of bed frames and foundations, Leesa advises using a strong, stable base to guarantee appropriate support and durability.

Do Leesa mattresses need to be rotated or flipped?

Since most Leesa mattresses are made to be used one way, they don't need to be flipped. However, you can encourage even wear and prolong the mattress's life by turning it 180 degrees every six to eight months.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


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Unboxing Experience
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Sex Performance


The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress offers an unmatched sleeping experience. For back sleepers looking for the most in rest and pressure relief, the Sapira Hybrid is a great option because of its high-quality materials, cutting-edge hybrid design, and dedication to quality. It also offers remarkable comfort, support, and durability.

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Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress

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Jessica H.

Jessica is a reviewer, writer, and sleep enthusiast at Sleepiverse. Jessica graduated with her master's degree in Nursing research and education. She is a registered nurse and currently works in the Intensive Care Unit. Since becoming a nurse, Jessica has worked the night shift, which means a disrupted sleep schedule. Knowing she needed to function at her best while caring for patients at night, she spent a lot of time researching how to sleep well with a difficult schedule.