Ultimate Guide to RV Mattress Sizes: Find Your Perfect Fit

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Nothing beats the joy of hitting the open road in your RV, exploring new places, and enjoying the comforts of your mobile home. One crucial element of these comforts is your RV mattress. It's essential for a good night's sleep, which means it's worth understanding the different RV mattress sizes available. This guide will help you navigate the world of RV mattresses, ensuring you make the right choice for your comfort and specific RV setup.

What is an RV mattress?

An RV mattress is a mattress designed specifically to suit an RV's bed area. Although most RVs have mattresses included, many owners would rather purchase a different mattress because the built-in beds are frequently thin and unpleasant. RVs are small-space homes with often smaller beds, so it isn’t very likely that your standard mattress from home would fit.

RV Mattresses vs. Regular Mattresses: The Differences

First, it's crucial to understand the differences between RV mattresses and regular ones. There are three key areas where they differ: height, length, and weight.

  1. Height: Regular mattresses are typically several inches too high for most RV beds.
  2. Length: The confined spaces in an RV often require a shorter mattress.
  3. Weight: Regular mattresses can add significant weight to your RV, which may exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) specified by the manufacturer.

In general, RV mattresses are designed to be more compact, lighter, and better suited to the space limitations within an RV.

People who will benefit most from an RV mattress

  • Frequent Travelers: RV mattresses are usually lighter than regular residential beds. Weight should be kept to a minimum when traveling in a camper to guarantee safety. That’s why RV mattresses are the way to go for campers and travelers as it is light and easy to be moved from one place to another.
  • Minimalists and Space-Conscious Individuals: Even huge RVs have very little interior room for moving stuff around. When looking for a mattress, plan ahead of time how you will get it into the RV and arrange it properly. RV mattresses vary in size, that’s why you need to measure your space and be aware of the space in your RV
  • Owners of unique RV layouts: The amazing thing about today's mattress industry is that you can discover unique mattress builders online that specialize in RV, van, and trailer beds. With a few measurements, a fast photo, and your material, thickness, and firmness preferences, your trip to a better RV bed takes only a few easy steps. No matter how unique of an RV layout you have, you will find the mattress that best suits you.

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Pros of RV Mattresses

  • RV-Specific Sizes: When it comes to camper life, every inch counts. In the realm of RV mattresses, you’ll find they come in different sizes to fit almost any layout and size of most RVs. So there are plenty of options in the market to best suit your needs.
  • Lightweight: RV mattresses are typically lighter in weight than traditional ones. To ensure safety, keep weight to a minimum when traveling in a camper. If your RV is light, a 100-pound mattress may consume a significant percentage of the weight limit. There are various RV mattresses that differ in weight preferences, choose whichever suits you.
  • More Durable than Standard Mattresses: RV Mattresses can withstand the wear and strain of your RV excursions. If you don't use your RV as frequently as someone who spends their retirement on the road in their beautiful RV, the sturdiness of your mattress won't be an issue at all, especially if you take proper care of it.

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Cons of RV Mattresses

  • More Expensive than Standard Mattresses: RV Mattresses can be a bit pricier than normal mattresses but that’s because it is a niche choice. The cost of your RV mattress will be determined by the materials you choose and the size. The bigger the mattress, the more expensive it is. Some mattress materials, such as latex and hybrid mattresses, are also more expensive.
  • Reduced Bedding Options: The bedding is an additional consideration for your custom RV mattress. Store-bought sheets are going to be an issue as they will require you to keep tucking and adjusting them. The best solution is to go for custom bedding made to acquire super-soft, luxurious bedding that truly fits all the unique beds in your RV.

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RV Mattress Size Chart and Description:

RV Bunk28-35 X 75-80 in
RV Twin28 X 75-80 in
RV Truck35-42 X 79-80 in
RV Three-Quarter48 X 75 in
RV Full/Double53 X 75 in
RV Short Queen60 X 75 in
RV Queen60 X 80 in
RV Short King72 X 75 in
RV King72 X 80 in
RV California King72 x 84 in
Eastern King76 x 80 in

Bunk Size

Bunk beds are a prominent feature in many RVs that cater to families. They are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the available space within your RV. Here are some common RV dimensions:

  • RV Bunk: 28 inches by 75 inches
  • RV Bunk: 30 inches by 75 inches
  • RV Bunk: 30 inches by 80 inches
  • RV Bunk: 34 inches by 75 inches
  • RV Bunk: 35 inches by 79 inches

RV Twin-Size

Because they may easily fit into small places and have a short breadth, twin mattresses are frequently encountered in RV setups. They're ideal for bunk beds as well. RV twin mattresses are often available in two distinct sizes: 28 × 80 inches and 28 x 75 inches.


Truck-size mattresses are so named because they are used in semi-truck cabs. A truck-size mattress is 35 inches by 79 inches to 42 inches by 80 inches in dimension. Because they are longer than most twins, they are ideal for tall sleepers.

RV Three-Quarter Size

Three-quarter-size mattresses are smaller than full-size mattresses but larger than twins and bunk mattresses. They are frequently used in compact RVs that lack the capacity for a full-size bed. The three-quarter-size mattress is 48 inches by 75 inches and may fit two children of varying ages.

RV Full or Double Size

An RV full, often referred to as double size and is often the same width as a Short Queen RV mattress, is commonly used for fold-out sofas, maximizing room while people aren't sleeping.

RV Short Queen Size

The short queen mattress is 5 inches shorter than a conventional queen-size mattress, measuring 60 inches by 75 inches. It's ideal for sleeping two adults without taking up too much room.

RV Queen Size

In RVs, short queen mattresses are far more frequent than regular queen-size beds. Queen-size beds are 60 inches by 80 inches in size and are large enough like a regular queen mattress, so in this case, if you have a queen-sized mattress, you can utilize your existing one.

RV Short King Size

The overall width of an RV Short King is often the same as that of a normal King, but it is somewhat shorter. A short king is usually 74" x 76" or 72" x 75" instead of the normal king size of 72" x 80".

RV California King Size

An RV California King mattress is longer than a conventional California King mattress and may easily accommodate two adults and a child, depending on the circumstances at hand. Its dimensions are 72" x 84”.

RV King Size

If your RV has the capacity, RV king-size beds are an excellent choice for a large family. These range in size from 72 inches by 75 inches to 72 inches by 80 inches. RV Kings can comfortably fit two adults and a child, or four youngsters.

Eastern King Size

A standard king mattress is the same size as an eastern king mattress. These are an excellent choice for families. It is 76 by 80 inches in size and is great for couples who want additional sleeping space or for couples who sleep with their children.

RV Mattress Types

1. Memory Foam Mattress

Mattresses made of memory foam hug the body tightly, relieving pressure spots and pain. The price range for them often ranges from $400 to $1000, depending upon the size and brand. Check out this article to learn more about Douglas Original RV Mattress which is a great option for memory foam mattresses.

A gel memory foam mattress might be a great option if your RV lacks air conditioning and you are traveling to a hot, muggy place. For improved temperature management, memory foam mattresses are swarmed with a cooling gel or gel beads. If you're not ready to spend the money on a brand-new mattress, you may also think about purchasing a memory foam or gel memory foam mattress topper. While they prolong the life of a mattress, mattress toppers only slightly alter the actual feel of your bed.

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2. Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses conform to your body as well, although they may not be as fluffy as memory foam. However, because it contains no chemicals, an all-natural latex mattress is an environmentally beneficial alternative. Latex mattresses are inherently hypoallergenic because they are resistant to dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. They are, however, pricey, costing between $900 and $1500.

When it comes to RV mattress sizes, an all-latex mattress is a long-lasting but pricey alternative. A latex mattress is very comfortable and is a fantastic option because they are quite prevalent while traveling to various locations.

3. Innerspring Mattress

Affordable innerspring mattresses include a cushion top layer hidden over the springs to keep the sleeper safe. Because of the coils, this mattress is not very suitable for RVs or campers. Traveling to humid areas might cause the coil to corrode, necessitating another replacement.

The cost of innerspring mattresses is quite low, ranging from $250 to $600.

4. Air Mattress

Air mattresses are made with lightweight materials, which is useful for RVs, but because they can't hold enough weight, they cannot be comfortable over the long term. Even if you change the hardness of an air mattress, a small leak could harm it, and while you're moving, you don't want to deal with the trouble of replacing or mending a mattress. They may be purchased for $100 to $1100.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an RV Mattress

The size of your RV

Simply said, regular mattress sizes are not appropriate for RVs. Therefore, measure your sleeping area well before ordering.

If you're still unsure of the appropriate size, check the standard chart for RV mattress sizes because RVs are available in so many different forms and layouts. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to just measure the mattress before you go purchasing. You'll always know precisely what you need.

Your budget

RV mattresses are usually less expensive due to their smaller size, however, higher-end ones can compete in price with regular mattresses. Latex, which is normally more expensive when utilized in a standard mattress, can also increase the cost of an RV mattress.

Personal preferences

Additionally, RV mattresses are lighter than normal mattresses. It's crucial to keep personal preference in check and know what size and firmness you prefer in your mattress.


The weight of your mattress will depend on the RV's specifications and the maximum amount of weight it can hold. This includes fluids, so keep track of your liquid weights. If your RV can support heavy weight, you can buy a mattress with a bit extra bulk.

RV Mattress FAQs

Are RV mattress dimensions different?

Yes, RV mattresses’ sizes differ from normal mattresses. The bed platform in your RV determines the size of the mattress you need. The sizes of RV mattresses range from tiny 28 x 75-inch bunk beds to king-size 72 x 80-inch or California king 72 x 84-inch mattresses.

How do RV mattresses get measured?

The typical size of the mattress in your RV is determined by the bed platform. RV mattresses come in a variety of sizes, from compact 28 x 75-inch bunk beds to spacious 72 x 80-inch or 72 x 84-inch California king mattresses.

Is an RV queen mattress the same size as a regular queen?

There is no distinctive difference between an RV queen bed and a queen standard mattress other than length. Typically, there is a five-inch length discrepancy. There is no difference in breadth. A short queen RV mattress may occasionally have unusually shaped edges or angles, so keep that in mind.

Can I use a normal mattress in my RV?

According to the sleeping area in your RV, you may be able to utilize a standard mattress. Some, but not all, RVs utilize the same dimensions. Measure the space in your RV before purchasing a new mattress because not all RV manufacturers consider queen and king to be the same size.

Can you use normal sheets on RV mattresses?

It is fine to use normal blankets and sheets on an RV mattress if its measurements match those of another conventional mattress size. It's best to seek for blankets and sheets designed for RV sizes if your mattress is designed specifically for an RV. These can usually be found in sports goods stores, camping stores, and RV mattress retailers.

Does an RV mattress need a box spring?

There is no definitive answer, if your mattress is supported by some kind of fundamental framework, you may decide to use it without box springs. One of the main functions of a box spring is to provide air circulation, which stops the development of unhygienic conditions.


Whether you live in an RV full-time or go camping sometimes with your family, you want to be able to sleep well every night so that you can wake up feeling rested. Weight control and spaciousness are two important considerations when selecting an RV mattress. The amount of space available, the number of sleepers, the weight of the mattress, its durability, and its quality should all be taken into account.

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