Northern Nights Mattress Review

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Expert's Note

We found Northern Nights Mattress to be an affordable, high quality hybrid mattresses in the market. Special features such as their Quantum coil technology and gel-infused foam ensure a restful night's sleep.

In our tests, we found Northern Nights Mattress to be:

  • Quality mattress that suits couples.
  • Affordable.
  • Has adequate quality.
  • Not Suitable for hot sleepers.
  • However, from our testing we can say that there are much better options for the price.

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Northern Nights Hybrid Mattress

Northern Nights Hybrid Mattresses is a plush hybrid mattress that promises a high quality hybrid mattress at a budget price.

Final Sleepiverse Rating


out of 5

Product Details
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No Trial
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10-Year Limited Warranty
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$729 - $1089
This mattress is a good choice for:

Ideal for people looking for the best option on a limited budget.

Side Sleeping

Ideal for lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight side sleepers.

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Layla Hybrid Mattress

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northern nights mattress

Northern Nights Mattress is a relatively good hybrid mattresses that is sold on QVC. They are reasonably priced while still being made of high-quality materials. Special features such as their Quantum coil technology and gel-infused foam ensure a restful night's sleep.

Although they do not offer a free trial period, QVC offer a 10-year warranty. Northern Nights mattress comes in 13.5" thickness, which is made of innerspring support and gel memory foam.

We thoroughly test the Nothern Nights Hybrid Mattress, and see whether it deserves your consideration or if there are better options.

Consider Northern Nights Mattress if

  • You prefer hybrid mattresses - Northern Nights is made of both innerspring support and gel memory foam. This ensures a well-designed, high-quality mattress that can accommodate the needs of almost any sleeper.
  • You want an affordable mattresses - Northern Nights mattresses are reasonably priced, making them an excellent value with outstanding features.
  • You are a couple - Northern Nights has a comfortably soft feel with an excellent motion transfer qualities making it highly recommended for couples.

However, those points that might make you consider the Northern Nights Mattress aren't specifically special to this mattress. We found that there are other options, like the Layla Hybrid Mattress, exceed the Northern Nights mattress in those aspects and even go above and beyond for a very comparable price.

Avoid Northern Nights Mattress if

  • You would like a mattress trial period - Northern Nights mattresses are not available for trial through QVC, which sells them.
  • You like hard mattresses - In our tests we found that Northern Nights Mattress is a bit softer than expected from a hybrid mattress.
  • You prefer light weight mattresses - It is a two persons job to get the mattress out of its box and it is somehow heavy while changing sheets.
  • You are a hot sleeper - Not all Northern Nights models have the same air flow and cooling qualities. If you are a hot sleeper then you should only consider the Northern Nights Dream model. It gives excellent support with a layer of gel-infused foam that keeps consistent airflow and reduces heat considerably
  • You want the best value for your money - We found that the Northern Nights mattress is far from being the best value for your money. We found the Layla Hybrid Mattress to be a very comparable hybrid mattress that offers so much more for a similar price, making it so much worth your money.

Our Experience With The Northern Nights Mattress

We decided to test the 13.5" Dual Coil Hybrid Northern Light Mattress for its comfort, firmness, cooling, support to give you a clear and in-depth insight about all its characteristics so you could decide if it is the right mattress for you or not, and here what we found:

Firmness, Feel and Comfort for Northern Nights Mattress

Nothern Nights Firmness scale showing to have 4.5 firmness

Though Northern Nights mattress is advertised for as a "medium-firm" mattress, but we found that it is somehow softer than what to be considered "medium".

The 13.5" Dual Coil Hybrid Mattress had a feeling of a slight sinking in rather that floating on the top that you experience from an innerspring mattress. The combination between the innerspring and foam provides the sleeper with a softer -and to our taste- a more comfortable night's sleep.

The double coil model has special layers like five-zone convoluted foam and Serene foam that contours to your body. It also aids in the reduction of pressure points. This mattress received a 4.5/10 on the firmness scale, indicating that it is a "medium-soft" mattress. This what makes this mattress suitable mostly for lightweight.

Pain Relief For Northern Nights Mattress

If you suffer from pain, you should look for a mattress that relieves pressure at sensitive pressure points such as the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

Soft mattresses, like the Northern Nights Mattress, really steal the show when it comes to pressure relief for lightweight sleepers. They allow side sleepers to sink in a little deeper, relieving pressure on the shoulders and hips. However, if you're a back/stomach sleeper or a medium-to-heavy person, we suggest that you definitely look elsewhere.

While lying on your back, one will feel the soft top layer of latex foam filling in the area in the lumbar region. This mattress gives the feeling of being "sunk" in the bed. Many people do not like this feeling as they describe it as "being stuck in bed". We also found it to feel somewhat uncomfortable and especially not breathable as we'd like.

With that being said, it is not ideal for stomach or back sleepers. Hip support is lacking in this bed for stomach sleepers, which can make their lower back pain worse. Furthermore, when people sink into a soft mattress, they may have more difficulty moving around and changing positions at night. They may also complain about sleeping hot because a large portion of their body is not exposed to the bedroom air.

As we recommend the Layla Hybrid to be much better alternative than the Northern Nights mattress, it's worthwhile to mention that Layla's option offers a dual-side firmness feature, making it absolutely perfect for any types of sleepers, unlike the Northern Nights Mattress.

Motion Transfer For Northern Nights Mattress

Whether you sleep in a couple or on your own, motion transfer is an important feature in any mattress, especially if you are a light sleeper or suffer from insomnia and are irritated by even the slightest movement while sleeping, even if it is your own.

In this section of our review, we tested the Northern Nights Mattress for motion transfer by dropping a 10 pound steel ball on it. The ball was dropped from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches, and the disturbance it caused was measured: the larger the lines, the greater the disturbance.

Vibrations on charts to show motion transfer

We found that the Northern Nights mattress provide excellent motion isolation.

When compared to a traditional spring unit, the 789 individually pocketed coils provide support and reduce motion transfer. You're unlikely to notice if your partner tosses and turns.

Couple stretching on bed

Sex Performance For Northern Nights Mattress

The best mattresses for couples should be a bit soft yet gives some bounce and responsiveness along with some motion isolation to facilitate effortless movement during sex.

Unfortunately, this is totally not the case for the Northern Nights Mattress. We found that the extra-plush feel of this mattress completely takes away from any bouncy feeling that you'd benefit from in this department.

Comparing it to the Layla Hybrid, it falls short, as Layla's offering has dual-firmness which can allow you to make your bed plush or extra bouncy for some bedroom fun in minutes. Making it a much better option.

Cooling For Northern Nights Mattress

We would give the Northern Nights mattress a grade 6/10 for cooling. Though it is a hybrid mattress and the separate coils should give a well air flow, but the extra-soft top makes the body sink somehow inside the bed, leading to less body air exposure during sleeping.

If you are a heavy weight, stomach sleeper then this mattress may not be for you as your body will get heated during sleeping.

Arrows on a bed showing airflow

Overall, the Northern Nights mattress had very subpar cooling performance. If you're someone who prefers a breathable night's sleep, completely stay away from this mattress.

Edge Support For Northern Nights Mattress

The level of stability you'll experience while sitting or resting on the edge of your bed is known as edge support. We simply laid down on the side of the bed to test it out.

We found the edge support for the Dual Coil Hybrid Northern Nights mattress of medium quality. As we sat on the edge of the mattress you felt that it's a bit too soft.

This is was expected as we found many reports of people falling off this mattress during sleep due to its mediocre edge support. So if you want a stronger edge, we would suggest considering to one of the top rated hybrid mattress with proper edge support such as the amazing Layla Hybrid or the Amerisleep AS3.

Construction and Design For Northern Nights Mattress

Northern Nights Dual Coil Hybrid Mattress comes with a quilted zoned topper, and lumbar zone support that's approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. From Northern Nights®.

Northern Nights is made of 45% polyurethane foam, 30% cotton polyester pad, 19% rayon fiber, 6% gel-infused viscoelastic foam. It contains cooling fibers that transport moisture and heat away from the body.

Layers of the Northern Nights Mattress

The mattress is made up from the following layers

  1. Performance knit cover made of quilted zoned topper.
  2. Super soft quilting foam
  3. 1/2" gel memory foam layer with lumbar zone support in center third of the mattress
  4. 5/8" high-density transition foam layer
  5. Dual coil system with 992 individually wrapped coils; 4" pocketed cloud coil unit; 8" dual zone pocketed perimeter coil unit
  6. 3/8" densified base foam layer

How much Northern Nights Mattresses cost?

Northern Nights 13.5" Dual Coil Hybrid Mattress

Queen13.5"H x 60"W x 80"L108 lbs$849
King13.5"H x 76"W x 80"L136 lbs$1089
Cal King13.5"H x 72"W x 84"L139 lbs$1089
Full13.5"H x 54"W x 75"L97 lbs$809
Twin13.5"H x 38"W x 75"L72 lbs$729
Twin XL13.5"H x 38"W x 80"L82 lbs$789

Northern Nights 11" Comfort Hybrid

Twin11" x 38" x 74"45 lbs$639
Queen11" x 60" x 80"75 lbs$838.95
Full11" x 54" x 74"62 lbs$754.95
King11" x 76" x 80"97 lbs$870.45
Twin XL11" x 38" x 80"48 lbs$670.95

Northern Nights 12.5" Serene Dream Hybrid Mattress

Full74" x 54" x 12"74 lbs$678.35
Cal King84" x 72" x 12"105 lbs$1019
Queen80" x 60" x 12"85 lbs$889
Twin XL80" x 38" x 12"58 lbs$769
Twin74" x 38" x 12"56 lbs$769

Northern Nights Company Policy

Northern Nights offers a 10 year limited warranty on the Northern Nights Hybrid Mattress. However, no trial is available for this mattress.

This is a huge red flag. Usually proper mattress brands offer generous trial periods that speak about their trust in their products.

For this reason alone we would advice looking elsewhere in a brand like Layla or Amerisleep that have better offerings for hybrid mattresses. Both of which have mind-boggling (and tested) warranty & trial periods backed up by thousands of satisfied buyers (including us).

Mattress Brand Policies and Customer Benefits

  • Ships compressed in a compact box and expands to full size upon opening
  • 10-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, plus 10 years of extended coverage; 20 years total
  • Assembled in the USA

In a Nutshell - Northern Nights Hybrid Mattress

Overall, we found that the Northern Nights Hybrid Mattress doesn't offer anything to write home about.

This mattress tries to provide a good hybrid mattress sleeping experience at a good price, however, we found that it fails to achieve that.

Fortunately, we found that it there are much better hybrid mattress options, such as the award-winning Layla Hybrid Mattress & the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress. Both of which offer a night-and-day difference when compared to the Northern Nights Mattress.

We suggest you that if you're buying this mattress as a couple, then go with the amazing Layla Hybrid, as it features a dual-firmness sides & resilient build quality made to last for decades. Read more about our review for the Layla Hybrid here.

And if you're looking for a one-size-fits-all mattress that's extremely luxurious and sleek, then go for the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress. Check our review of the AS3 here.

You can't go wrong with both mattresses, and both will provide a much better experience than the Northern Nights Mattress at a minimal price difference. But from our testing, we honestly couldn't justify going for the Northern Nights at all. If you were already considering the Northern Nights, we think that you're already getting a much better deal going with those options.

Northern Nights Mattress Review Final Verdict

Overall Rating


out of 5

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The Northern Nights Hybrid Mattress wasn't impressive. It fails to deliver a good hybrid mattress sleeping experience at a good price.

Fortunately, the award-winning Layla Hybrid Mattress and Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress are better hybrid mattresses. Compared to the Northern Nights Mattress, both are vastly superior.

If you're buying this mattress as a couple, we recommend the Layla Hybrid, which has dual-firmness sides and a durable build quality that will endure for decades. Read our Layla Hybrid review.

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress is an elegant, one-size-fits-all mattress. Read the AS3 review here.

Both mattresses outperform the Northern Nights Mattress despite their similar price. We couldn't justify the Northern Nights after testing.

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Layla Hybrid Mattress

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